AllHipHopTV Originals Presents:
The King Of South Beach: Episode 2

Akinyele turns up the heat in the second episode of “The King of South Beach.”

Last week we met Kayoz the dancer.

But this is a full service club, and before they open, they have to build the kitchen. Enter Sean, who is hired to be Head Chef at the club. He wants to bring some of the best soul food to South Beach.

Sean is a master chef and is doing his best to keep Ak out of the kitchen and let him handle the girls. As Sean says, giving me advice in the kitchen is like telling Steph Curry how to improve his jump shot.

Sean and Ak go at it a bit as they figure out the plans on how to build the kitchen. Looks like they are behind schedule.  Rumors are flying.

Watch what happens this week. Episode 2 is here!