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The King Of South Beach: Episode 5

Beyond The Gold Door


Akinyele is hard at work making sure everything goes right for the upcoming opening of KOD/VLive on South Beach.

Ak hired The Berg Company out of Las Vegas to create and install a customized state of the art Liquor Control System,- to keep a close tab on the booze. The state of the art technology cost about $70,000 and can track and account for every drink poured in the venue, but specifically, “behind the gold doors.”

The setup makes it easier for the bartenders to slang the liquor and get Akinyele closer to his goal of making $30 million in KOD’s first year on Ocean Drive.

Akinyele also calls in his old friend Famous, one of the most popular dancers at KOD, to give her a tour of the new venue.

Watch “The King of South Beach” Episode 5, learn more about the business and meet some more of Akinyele’s team, including promoters Jaydius and Tone Byrd.