America’s Next Black Leader: The Online Reality Series

If you get a room full of Black folks together to talk about the condition of our community, you can bet that the hottest topic of the evening will be “What the heck is wrong with Black leadership?” Many would probably argue that all Black leaders need to be but put on the unemployment line, […]

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If you get a room full of Black folks together to talk

about the condition of our community, you can bet that

the hottest topic of the evening will be “What the

heck is wrong with Black leadership?” Many would

probably argue that all Black leaders need to be but

put on the unemployment line, quick fast and in a

hurry. But at the end of the night, the question is ,

“If all the high profile Black leaders packed up and

moved to a small island in the South Pacific, then

what? Who would take their places? Who you gonna call

when you get fired from your job at Mickie Dee’s for

jackin’ up a customer for callin’ you the “N” word

because his fries were too greasy? Who you gonna call

when lil Tyrone gets expelled from school for tellin’

Mrs. Horowitz that Columbus Day is a freakin’ lie and

ole Abe Lincoln really didn’t free no slaves!”

After all the complaining, you can best believe that

if you ask for volunteers to step up and solve the 99

Problems facing every brother and sister in America, you

will hear a pin drop.

That is why we are starting the first

reality series in search of new representatives for African Americans – “America’s Next Black Leader.” If you

aren’t satisfied with the current condition of Black

leadership then “you” have the opportunity to become

Until I figure it out, read yesterday’America’s next Black leader!

Many of us truly believe that we need a regime change

at the top. Real talk, how many more times do you

really want to see “Count Coolout” show up to accept

the apology of a racist bigot on behalf of 12 million

angry Black folks. How many more conferences do we

really want to see on C-Span with the same ole folks

complaining about the same things that they were whinin’

about since before your mom was born?

At some point, the testimony that “I marched with Dr.

King” stops being a badge of honor and becomes a

strong indicator that you need to sit down somewhere.

Based on the condition of the Black community , our

movement is sick but instead of the doctor suggesting

that the heads of the movement retire, he just

prescribes some “Civil Rights Viagra” so they can keep

marchin’, singin’ and prayin’ till the cows come


Don’t get me wrong, I am not disrespecting those of

the Civil Rights era but they really don’t seem to

be reachin’ this “Hip Hop Generation.”

And since some of today’s hottest rappers are now

knockin’ on 40’s door, if you ask a young Brotha

about dissin’ the elders watch him say, “I do respect

the elders, Jay-Z’s my dawg!”

Times have changed and the idea of a multi-millionaire

rap artist in 2007, riding a round in a $1000,000

luxury jeep blasting “We Shall Overcome, one day” just

seems kind oxymoronic. Although many hate to admit it, the NAACP has been in

need of a drastic make over for decades. Excuse my

language but that group has been a perfect candidate

for “Pimp My Civil Rights Organization” for years.

And although the old guard Civil Rights leader’s

always challenge the young folks with the cliche “no

one is going to hand you the mantle of leadership, you

have to take it,” you can believe that if you ever got

close enough to lay a finger on the scepter, they

would be hollerin’ for security!

While age may be an issue, it is really about old

ideas that need an update and just because a new face

comes along, it does not mean that he/she will

effectively deal with issues disproportionately

affecting Black folks…Even Obama, with his message

of “one America inclusiveness” has yet to prove when

it comes down to it, will he rep the Hamptons or the

hood , Harvard or Howard, high dollar estates or high

rise tenement buildings.

But the question remains, although you may be able to

stand on your soapbox and complain about Black

leaders, can you do any better? On the surface, being

a Black leader seems to be a cool job. Look at the

fringe benefits, wearing thousand dollar suits, riding

around in stretch limos and rubbin’ elbows with the

rich and famous. But leading Black people ain’t no

picnic. Can you imagine having hundreds of angry Black

folks blowin’ up your Blackberry, everyday, with their

personal problems. Just think about that lady that

sits next to you at work and her Monday morning drama.

Now, multiply that by a thousand…Get the visual???

But if you feel that you are sharper than Sharpton,

bring more action than Jackson and create more drama

than Obama, this is what we need you to do…Go to our America’s next Black leader site and

upload a video of yourself explaining what you would

do as America’s next Black leader. You can post a

speech, rap, poem or better yet, a video of you

actually doing things in the community which you

believe a real Black leader should do. People across

the country will vote by “favoriting” who the next

Black leader should be on youtube. The winner will be

announced April 4, 2007, the anniversary of the

assassination of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Now, I know some of ya’ll are saying that you don’t

have the time to upload videos and stuff , but if you

could take time to upload that video of Tina tha Tacky

Stripper for that new BET reality show “Hot Ghetto

Mess”, then you should have no problem taking part in

“America’s Next Black Leader.”

But even if you can’t post a video, you can

participate in the discussion section.

It’s 2007, Brothers and Sisters and we don’t need

another Hot Ghetto Mess, we need Black leadership at

its best.

TRUTH Minista Paul Scott represents the Messianic

Afrikan Nation in Durham NC. For more info about “America’s Next Black Leader” go