Are Rappers Daylyt & Young Thug Just “Gay for Pay”?



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In some respects, I feel responsible for some of the gayness that has crept into hip-hop. I think I can safely say that my influence on the “gay question” in hip-hop has softened over the years. I came on the hip-hop scene sounding the trumpet of inclusion. I was on some hip-hop inclusiveness back then, never intending for these supposedly straight rappers to jump on the gay bandwagon and “act” gay. I wanted to see some legitimate gay rappers in mainstream that could rip the mic and make hit records! (That’s what being at the forefront of hip-hop’s inception will do for you! Make you understand that rap music is grassroots—speaking for all underdogs and marginalized groups, which, in my mind, includes gay people, who have stories that must be told!)

I’m talking 2007.

I’ve had a sit-down with Kanye West over homophobia (and gave him my book, “Hip-Hop Homophobes: Origin & Attitudes Towards G### & Lesbians in Hip-Hop Culture; As Perpetuated by Rappers, Thugs, Athletes, Reggae Rastas & Religionists; Essays on the 3,000 Year Old Polemic Against Homosexuality; A Religious Hoax!” 2007) and had a few war-of-words with industry Negroes—from Trick Trick to 40 Glocc to a bevy of lesser known rappers who got that keyboard chin-checkin’ for their homophobia. I’ve been quoted in L.A. Times and Spin Magazine on gay rappers—had many gay rapper blogs at, (my first blogging gig! Shout out to Christopher English!) and all over these Internets! I’ve been on DJ Kay Slay’s Streetsweeper Sirius Satellite Radio show with five gay rappers and even made the cover of Straight Stuntin Magazine—all for repping for gay rappers.

(That’s right! Got my name on the cover of DJ Kay Slay’s Straight Stuntin Magazine 2008 with an article entitled, ‘Why Gay Hip-Hop? And quoted in Spin Magazine 2009)


I’ve earned my way up in here at (The most respected hip-hop site on the net!) I know most of you hate everything I write! I would have it no other way! F### thinking like the herd!

But never, in a million years, would I have thunk that Negroes would resort to feigning gay to get on in this rap game! Reminds me of these male p### stars that claim to be straight, but will f### a dude up the ass for money—what they call “Gay for Pay.” All I know is this—the amount of money that someone would have to pay me to get an e####### and stick it in another man’s butt would be staggering! I’m not sure if a billion dollars could keep me e####! But yeah, there are supposedly straight guys that can pull this off. Side-eye on the “straightness” though.

(Me in New York in 2008 with 5 gay rappers and DJ Kay Slay on Sirius radio. The Drama King gives everybody a chance! Give him his props! *Guy on far left is not a gay rapper. He is Kay Slay’s producer.)

Apparently, battle rapper Daylyt and ATL rapper Young Thug have taken a page out of the “Gay for Pay” playbook and are finding the notoriety they so desperately seek by doing things deemed gay in hip-hop circles. Daylyt has uttered such gayness as telling Diddy he’d like to f### him and telling another battle rapper he’d “Lick his ass from the front.” WOWZERS! Young Thug likes to wear girl’s dresses and call his homies “hubby” and “bae.”

Do I really think these guys are gay? Hell no! They are engaging in shock-value and h###-erotic antics. They know exactly what they’re doing and they know exactly how we are responding! In the case of Daylyt—I’ve met him. He ain’t gay! Dude is just very good at performing. I actually admire him for not giving a f###. Tried to holla at dude on Twitter and get some understanding and all I got was “Quill”—whatever that’s supposed to mean! On Daylyt’s Twitter header he has “I hate Gay N#####.” Paradoxical as a double-minded man, which is it Daylyt? You’re either gay and love other gay Negus or you’re gay and want the whole dick & ass, top & bottom population for yourself! There’s plenty of boongy and rod to go around, so why are you hatin’ on other gay dudes?

(Me and Daylyt. Was this guy thinking about getting some 50-year old rusty-butt man-p####? I should think not! LOL!)

Young Thug claims that the h######### language that he uses is not gay. That’s the way he and his homies get down on the verbal communication tip. He aims to change the language and definition of “hubbie.” This is akin to Lil Wayne and Baby kissing, I suppose. We read “gay” into their actions and they are on some father/son affectionate ish that most of us are totally uncomfortable with.

Young Thug readily admits to wearing little girl’s dresses. Like Kanye West, he is pushing the boundaries of conformity and for that, I do like, but feigning gay is not keeping it real!

(Young Thug in two of his little girl dresses. Ain’t he cute? Awwww!)

How revolutionary would it be if Daylyt and Young Thug were really gay? But shakin’ & fakin’—exploiting the pain and life that comes along with being gay is not cool! Being “Gay for Pay” is selling out one’s self for that almighty dollar. This is what Daylyt and Young Thug are doing—selling their souls by feigning gay for a payday! I don’t believe for a second that these two rappers have any gay proclivities! I think they are being controversial to move their careers forward. They are making a mockery of the gay lifestyle (as some call it). It is like a white person putting on “black face.” They are putting on “gay face” and selling it to us. They’re “Milli Vanilli-ing” us.

So Daylyt and Young Thug listen up! There are a shitload of real, bona fide, openly gay rappers who would love to be heard in mainstream. You two-fakin’-da-funk-pseudo-takin’-it-up-the-a###-homoerotically-curious-girly-dress-wearin’-lickin’-a-n####’s-ass-from-the-front-dreamin’-of-Diddy’s-colon dudes need to cut the shtick or come clean!

(In my Scarface/Tony Montana voice, “Where do you think Kanye West got the balls from to speak out on homophobia? Me! That’s who!”)

Young Thug sucks as a rapper, but makes club bangers. Daylyt has bars, but I ain’t never heard his music in the club. He doesn’t need to “act” gay. Neither does he need to try and clean up his gay alter-ego with his Twitter tag, “I hate Gay N#####.” Being controversial is one thing. Being a hypocrite and a homophobe and a two-faced, contradictory, oxymoronic, double-minded man is a psychosis. At the very least, explain yourself and stop the “Gay for Pay” shtick before you run up on a real gay rapper who wants to test your gangsta and gluteus! (Butt)

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