Blue Ivy Carter: What’s In A Name??


Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s bouncing bundle of joy isn’t even a week old, and the Internet has already bombarded her and her parents on everything involving her. To be honest, Blue Ivy Carter has been under attack since Beyoncé made the announcement that she was pregnant at the 2011 MTV VMA’s. Some of the questions I saw on social media and the blogosphere were:

“Is it a publicity stunt?”

“Is that baby bump real?”

“Will the baby look like a Camel?”

Now that Baby Blue is here, everyone has something to say about the way she came into the world. Some are upset that Jay and Bey decided to occupy an entire floor of the hospital for privacy and security reasons. They also did not allow any cell phones on the floor to make sure there were no unauthorized pictures of the baby.

Are these things that I would do for my wife and child? Not really. But I’m not Jay-Z. I do think it’s excessive, but if he felt like that’s what he wanted or needed to do, who are we to judge?

Everyone also has their own opinions as to whether or not Blue Ivy is a good name for their child, but the most important thing that people forget is that it’s THEIR CHILD! No one is coming to your house and criticizing for naming your child “Sharquavia”, “Kevionika”, “Da’Quill”, or “Lotus FlowerBomb Jenkins”…all because you want to be different.

It’s not like Blue Ivy Carter is going to have to worry about getting a job and being disqualified for employment for having a “ghetto” name. It’s not like she’ll be the victim of the lackluster public education system. It’s not like she’ll be shunned in any way because of her name. She’ll grow up a child of privilege, while most of your kids won’t.

Now before you think I’m defending Beyoncé and Jay-Z because I’m a fan, I’m here to tell you that I’m not. I have been praying that Beyoncé would take a break so that I don’t have to see her every five minutes, bombarding me with rushed, lackluster music that hasn’t moved me since 2003. When it comes to Hov, I like him, but I was disappointed with Watch The Throne.

I’m simply stating that while they are public figures, and they signed up to be critiqued, picked apart, and downright, hated on, I think that there’s too much going on in our communities that needs to be addressed to spend so much time, energy, or effort on someone’s name (or baby) who we don’t know and have never met.

But who am I to judge? My name is Tazz Daddy. SMH

David “Tazz Daddy” Anderson is a Nationally Recognized Media Personality, Motivational Speaker, Author, and contributor. His latest book, Common Sense Ain’t Common, is available at or wherever books are sold. Follow him on Twitter (@TazzDaddy).