Coast Club, the Rise of the Next SoCal Vibration Curators

“Music is a powerful tool of communication that helps us interact and connect with others,” says Trevor.

Southern California is well known as the home of great artistic talent, producing many big names in the music and entertainment industry. This includes dynamic singing duo Coast Club, which is now taking over the global music scene. Their diversity, unique sound, and energetic performances are helping them cement their place in the industry while working and performing in top clubs across the US and the globe.

Coast Club has held headlining residencies across the US and Asia over the last seven years, DJing at world-renowned clubs like Elia Beach, Las Vegas; Hakkasan, Las Vegas; Bone Club, Pattaya, Thailand; and Catwalk Disco, Guangzhou, China. They have also worked with Insomniac Records, Warner Music, and have their own radio show on Insomniac Radio titled “Beach Bass Radio.”

According to Trevor Shawn and Ace Future, the voices behind Coast Club, one of the things that inspired them to start the band was to share their love for music with the rest of the world. The two enjoyed listening to different genres growing up, which led them to music production and DJING. They have now made it their mission to spread positivity and empower others through their performances and various songs.

Trevor and Ace have composed and released many songs, including “Better Together,” “Stay Here With You,” featuring Cat Clark, and other club remixes. They also released a collaboration with Blenders Eyewear in 2020, which sold out worldwide.

“Music is a powerful tool of communication that helps us interact and connect with others,” says Trevor. Together with his friend Ace, they spread love through their songs and share their life stories with the rest of the world. Trevor says their goal as a band is to continue giving their audience timeless music, create beautiful memories, and show everyone that nothing should hold you back from your dreams and aspirations.

Initially, when they started their journey, Coast Club was a trio, and they were known to the world as DJ powerhouses. In less than a year after making their debut, they had gained worldwide recognition performing at several clubs and producing many great hits. Coast Club has released successful remixes for Hayden James, Lauv, and THEY, among others.

However, in 2018, the band faced a major challenge that threatened their journey. One of their bandmates quit to pursue a different path, and it was quite difficult for Trevor and Ace to adapt. At the time, they had an entire summer’s worth of shows booked and tons of new music, which they were preparing to release, and one of their members quitting put a significant strain on the band.

While it was challenging, Trevor and Ace didn’t let this dictate their future. They rebranded to Coast Club, and by merging their west coast/SoCal and coastal lifestyles, Coast Club gave rise to a new vibration that is now redefining the music industry. They have launched a side project, Motel Margarita, a traveling pool part series coupled with their signature margarita mix and merch line. Coast Club is also looking to expand its music careers, do more tours, and release new singles. In the coming years, Trevor says their goal is to produce and release 6–8 songs a year.