DEBATE: Should Meek Mill Respond To Cassidy?


Cassidy slipped in a diss to Meek (“Me, Myself and iPhone) and then Meek  responded in a song (“Repo”) that he proclaimed would be his last. But, then Cassidy upped the ante with “R.A.I.D.,” a song that the internets considered to be “ether.” Now, the rap world speculates whether or not Meek should respond to Cassidy’s 10 minute condemnation. Clearly, Cass has a and he’s even taken no-so-minuscule shots at Rick Ross and MMG. In a viral video, Elliot Wilson of RapRadar argued that Meek should NOT respond to Cassidy, who is seemingly trying to his career back to his former gold glory. I saw Elliot’s video and had to counter on twitter. This is Hip-Hop and that Cassidy diss is not something that can be ignored – not by an emcee. Imagine Nas trying to ignore “The Takeover” or LL trying to ignore Canibus “2nd Round Knockout.” Once upon a time, Jay-Z used to dispose of just about every lil’ New York rapper that said a slick word. Clearly, this isn’t remotely close to those battles, but its definitely piqued the interest of the fans. BUT I REPEAT: THIS IS HIP-HOP. At the root, Hip-Hop is a gladiator sport. Lets get it on! Check out YN’s video below, join the debate and take the poll.

Cassidy – “Me, Myself and iPhone”

Meek Mill – “Repo”

Cassidy – “R.A.I.D.”