Excuse My Blackness, But Eminem, the Greatest Rapper Ever!

Eminem Is The G.O.A.T.? Khalil Amani Says, “Yes!”

Eminem is the greatest rapper ever—dead or alive! There! I said it! Do you know how hard it was to write those words? Do you understand the implications of these words? I literally had to throw my blackness and Negritude in the garbage (not to mention forsake my beloved Jay Z, whom I personally think is the greatest rapper, but that’s just my very subjective personal opinion.)

Now before you get to s**t-talking and calling me an Eminem “Stan” (like I really care)—I’ve never bought an Eminem record (and I should be ashamed of myself for that, but I did buy a Bubba Sparxxx’s CD once.) Eminem should be in every hip-hop head’s “Top 5 Dead or Alive.” Anything else is intellectually dishonest! Yes! It’s time for hip-hop heads far & wide, especially black hip-hop heads who have issues with the whole white thingy to get off that horse and face the painful truth; that is, a Caucasian brother is doing “our” genre better than we (blacks).

For far too long we’ve been “romancing the stone”—indulging in a shameful attempt to place Tupac and Biggie at the top of the Pantheon of great rappers, mostly based on romanticizing their deaths and hero-worship. Indeed! They are “Top 5” material, but I’m talking about the crème de la crème—the best of the best or, as Eminem rapped, “The juggernaut of this rap s###/like it or not!”

Kenny G may not have bested John Coltrane and James Brown is still “The Godfather of Soul,” but this genre known as rap music has a white Rap God at its forefront. Two Diamond songs, two Diamond albums, 13 Grammys, a Guinness World Book of Records (for “Rap God”), an Oscar, Golden Globe, Emmy, MTV & BET awards, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera. Only an ignoramus or a person who’s never won s### would slight the many awards Eminem has racked up.

Lyrically gifted beyond all reason—Eminem is the greatest rapper to ever spit—black or white! He is no Macklemore or any other white rapper that ever spit it! Yes! It’s time to end this debate or move the debate to who’s the second through fifth best.

Now I shall return to my blackness.

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