Future Claims He Has Gone To The Studio Every Day For The Past Five Years


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Future Hendrix wants you to know that although his mother named his Nayvadius, he’s Future Hendrix the rockstar!

MTV caught up with the fan-favorite rapper for a documentary as he was gearing up for his ‘Summer Sixteen’ tour wit Drake.

It’s obvious that Future drops a lot of music back to back, and many rappers wish they could heat up like Future and his wave.

Future revealed to MTV that he has been going to the studio everyday for 5 years. When asked why he works so hard and harder than everyone else he says,

“Because I know I’m going to be worth more than them at the end of the day. I might not be there now, but once my work catch up to my worth, I’m going to be a billionaire.”

Future has certainly had one hell of a year and one hell of a run with the release of ‘Purple Reign,’ ‘EVOL,’ and ‘E.T.’ MTV was able to get Future to open up about his insane work ethic as well as his motivations.

Future’s advice to his fans was for them to take from him the things that they like from him and don’t make the same mistakes that he did.

Future has released 3 No.1 albums in less than 7 months, and 7 projects since 2015. He’s certainly made some sacrifices to chase his musical dreams, and now he’s considering taking some time off soon. Future reveals that he stays in the studio so much and goes so hard because he wants to make sure his family is always taken care of.

At the end of the day, Future believes that his brand is authentic, and it has grown organically. Interestingly enough, many argue that it’s not so much that Future is “great” as it is that he has a solid work ethic, puts out “fun” music to get his fans hype, a solid production team, and a crazy fan base.