Gregg "Opie" Hughes: SiriusXM Was "Kind Of Even OK" With Anthony Cumia's Racist Tweets

Gregg “Opie” Hughes: SiriusXM Was “Kind Of Even OK” With Anthony Cumia’s Racist Tweets

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(AllHipHop News) When contracts combats opinions, the contract usually wins, but the opinions do not die. A little over a week after Opie & Anthony star Anthony Cumia was fired by SiriusXM over a tirade of racially charged tweets, his co-host  Gregg “Opie” Hughes voiced his displeasure with Cumia’s firing.

On the first Opie & Anthony show, co-star Hughes stated that he did not agree with SiriusXM’s firing of Cumia and even stated that SiriusXM was “kind of even ok with the tweets in general.”  Hughes states that the show will be renamed to “SiriusXM Talk” and explained why he and fellow co-star Jim Norton did not leave with Cumia:

It needs to be said that we’re under contract. I don’t think people understand fully what being under contract means and what breach of contract means. We can’t just walk away. Breach of contract is a real issue. … We could be sued for millions. … It would be a big f—ing problem.

Hughes claims that SiriusXM’s main problem with Cumia’s racist tweets were that he amassed a large amount in a short period of time and a few of the tweets involved violence.