Happy Father's Day: A Dedication To Dads, The Unsung Heroes


Father’s Day pales in comparison to Mother’s Day. One is a full entree, including your choice of a delicious dessert; the other is barely an appetizer. Men who go over and beyond deserve love, too. Not all men are bad, and not all women make good choices with who they procreate with. The impact a man has on his children is just as strong, if not stronger, than that of a mother. The strength and confidence a man can pass on is vital. The example he sets for both sexes follows all of us well into adulthood.

There are some men that should be ashamed for not even staying around to see if their children had their noses and eye color. On the flip side, just because you’re a mother, it doesn’t mean you should be celebrated for that reason alone. Some women give birth and give up on raising a well-rounded human being. They may be around, but far from present in their son’s or daughter’s life.  Most have never seen a lot of bashing on Mother’s Day geared towards the mediocre mommies. There’s usually little recognition for single dads in May, but the ladies get numerous Facebook posts and cards when June rolls around. If society is going to call out the bad, don’t pick and choose; hold the ladies just as accountable.

If you didn’t have a good example, or haven’t been one yourself, it’s never too late to change. Of course, people will point out what you didn’t do for your children, and your child who hasn’t seen you in years may find it hard to forgive, but do it anyway. The way men are viewed won’t get better over night, but use this Father’s Day to build, not break, bonds any further. If your dad is no longer here, you can still forgive. Hurt can bring about good, if you allow it to.

To the men who’ve been there, threw footballs, do their best with their daughter’s hair, cook and clean, work hard for their households, and fight to love with all they can, you are appreciated.

Happy Father’s Day.

Tawni Fears is a freelance writer and contributor to AllHipHop.com. Follow her on Twitter (@brwnsugaT).