HeaterOf The Day: Pardison Fontaine – "OYYY/Intelligent N*gga"

HeaterOf The Day: Pardison Fontaine – “OYYY/Intelligent N*gga”

23 year old rapper Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine of Newburgh, New York releases the official video for his popular single “OYYY.” The charismatic artist has quickly become known for his clever and witty lines and animated delivery, and is being labeled one of the most talented and promising newcomers in the rap game. Staying true to his hometown, the video for “OYYY” was shot in his very own neighborhood, in Newburgh, NY.

This is what the MC had to say about his new video and music:

I’m displaying something different than ever seen before. I’m from a place where no body’s ever heard of before. I represent a geographical demographic that hasn’t been tapped into yet. My environment is different. My upbringing was different and it’s reflected in the way I see things and express myself. I’m showing you the world through my eyes, my point of view