Kreayshawn: Illseed’s Person Of 2011


The list started out with 5: Herman Cain, DJ Mister Cee, Kreayshawn, Kelly Rowland, and Drake…

You know the winner…KREAYSHAWN!

Kreayshawn is here, and now her success is cemented in stone as “Illseed’s Person of the Year” for 2011. This distinct honor now places her in a special, pointless place with the luminous likes of Nicki Minaj, Rick Ross, MC Hammer, George W. Bush, Will Smith, and some other great people.

If you can properly pronounce her name, Kreayshawn will evoke an intense scorn or adoration from the recipient. She’s White, yet as colorful as a rainbow in The Village. She knows no Black or White. She’s winning.

For those that lived under a rock with the grubs, Kreayshawn rose to prominence in the Oakland underground unbeknownst to most of us. When she did surface – after traveling through the viral universe – she emerged with a hit record, “Gucci Gucci.” Believe it or not, I liked the song for quite a while, whereas others will eternally hate it. All of that doesn’t matter now, because Kreayshawn is here to stay.

Why?, some of you may wonder. Well, allow me to explain what is about to happen to you (and your nerves if you hate Kreayshawn).

1) The Movement. – She has the White Girl Mob, which includes V-Nasty (more on her later). And then there is the mob behind the mob. Now that posse is a seemingly endless group of millions that retweet her, like her on instagram, watch her videos on Youtube, and re-blog her Tumblr. Yes. This is a movement. Men like, women lie, social media doesn’t.

2) The Media. – In 2011, Kreayshawn was nominated for a VMA in the “best new artist” category. We all know this honor shoulda, coulda and woulda been nominated to any number of others in entertainment. But lets face it, Kreayshawn – in 2011 – became a force that had yet to be fully realized. Nobody was going to chance her becoming the next great White hype and be left out in the cold. MTV made a bold move, most likely in an effort to stay in good. Or, perhaps they had an agenda for this young girl. Either way, everybody covered KreayKreay. Even AllHipHop.

3) The Hate. The Beef. – At the very end of the year, Kreayshawn’s magnificent year ended off as most soon-to-be-smashing-successes do. The real hate came in. Sure, she had more than her fill of hate from the names, anonymous faces on social media, but Lil B solidified it. Apparently, after they worked together on videos, he snubbed her in her face –dissing her. But, this is the course that most future beasts take to the top. Somebody has to get upset.

See, Kreayshawn is a part of the new music and entertainment game. You have to have all the bases covered twice. She does videos, she’s got fashion SWAG (yes, “swag” isn’t dead yet), she’s got charisma, and remains and all around interesting human being.

Do I love her? Do I hate her? It doesn’t matter. All of this matters not, when hate translates in to success as much as love does, you have arrived. Think about the uproar over her homegirl V-Nasty’s use of the N-Word. Kreayshawn denounced it, but didn’t denounce V-Nasty. V kept saying it and people kept hating/loving it, and she went on and did an album with Gucci Mane with no problem. See? It doesn’t much matter about your or my love or hate. As much as there was an uproar over just about everything she did, Kreayshawn emerged as one of the top trending topics of the year.

So, here we come to the conclusion:

Kreayshawn hit the bullseye with “Gucci Gucci,” but the fact is, there hasn’t been much more traction in the music department. If there has, it hasn’t reached anything or anybody that’s reaching me. But, does that really matter? Does it matter that Kreayshawn doesn’t have bars? If she did, she may give Nicki Minaj a run for her tutu. If she even had the skill level of say a Iggy Azalea, she might get the powers-that-pull-strings to give her the crown next to Eminem.


Maybe, but stranger things happened in 2011. And you know that.

So, at this time, I toast to Kreayshawn.

Continued hate/love/beef/music/fashion and whatever else gets you to whatever you are about to do. Whatever that is at this point.