Listen and Download Childish Gambino's New Mixtape "STN MTN / Kauai"

Childish Gambino is back with 2 new projects, how you gonna act?

Ever since Childish Gambino released his album Because The Internet in late 2013, the former Community star has risen to one of the most prolific musical artists to date. Bino’s music style is innovative to say the least, but his skills of storytelling has taken the concept of an album to the next level. In August, Gambino announced that he was going to release his new mixtape, STN MTN/ Kauai, with the song “Sober” as one of the leading singles off of the project. Well, if you were waiting for the project to release, it’s out now. STN MTN/ Kauai is a separated project, with STN MTN as the Gangsta Grillz hosted mixtape and Kauai as an EP on iTunes. You can check out and download the mixtape below, or stream the entire project off of Gambino’s site.