LIVE FROM THE DNC: Michelle Obama’s Big Moment, Celebrities in Politics, Protesters & Police

**UPDATE** Monday, August 25, 2008 11:30 AM  EST As many of you have probably seen by now Michelle Obama just delivered her speech as the first keynote speaker of the DNC.  After an emotional day for the Democratic Party, featuring a tribute to former President and present humanitarian Jimmy Carter, and a courageous appearance from […]

**UPDATE** Monday, August 25, 2008 11:30 AM  EST

As many of you have probably seen by now Michelle Obama just

delivered her speech as the first keynote speaker of the DNC.  After an

emotional day for the Democratic Party, featuring a tribute to former

President and present humanitarian Jimmy Carter, and a courageous

appearance from Democratic royalty Ted, Kennedy, it was left up to

Michelle Obama to deliver the goods.


Consensus and prognosticators seem to agree that she nailed it.  She

touched on all the issues that we prescribed above; drawing on those

feeligns of family, and commonality and patriotism, but without making

Barack seem like some schmuck husband.


She drew on her personal history and stories of her childhood and a

father with multiple schlerosis not depending on help but forging ahead

with rugged self determination.  She spoke on the strength of her

mother in holding the family down, and the presence of her older

brother as a positive male role model in her life, two things which

normalized her experience not as solely Black, but American and

relatable to all. In that frame we have a mission accomplished.


She gave obligatory kudos to Senator Clinton and used her own

identity as both Black and female, referencing both the 88th

anniversary of Women’s Suffrage, and the 45th anniversary of the March

on Washington to evoke visions of an America where anything is

possible.  This both brought people in emotionally and placated the

still disgruntled Clinton supporters.  Mission accomplished.


The cherry on top came with the afterparty.  The Obama children in

particular the precocious Sasha really brought home the idea of family

and the genuine love and affection that is readily apparentis not

something that could be faked.  This love is self evident and i think

it went a long way towards humanizing Barack Obama without limiting him

as a man, or reducing his stature as a potential head of state. 


In a nutshell, Barack trusted his most prized treasure and secret

weapon with the task of softening up America to his image. He chose his

partner with his political destiny.  She, with three generations of her

family in tow delivered in spades.  Full of emotion and absent of

rhetoric she made the connection.  The ball is in Barack’s court now.*********************************************************************UPDATE**  

Much has been made about celebrities injecting their opinions and

star power into the general  political conversation.  Some sectors

wonder aloud whether or not they should be there and what exactly

qualify celebrities to even speak on world affairs with little more

than their own fame to qualify them.  Alfre Woodard would tend to







High gas prices and increasing travel costs have combined with other

issues to limit the number of protesters.  While expecting thousands of

protesters, the Denver Police Department has numbered the protesters to

around 1000.


The loud minority spoke on many issues including the war in Iraq,

the crumbling economy, and human rights issues.  They are comprised of

college students, high school activists, and veterans among others. 

Perhaps the tremendous police presence has discouraged protesters from

getting rowdy. 

According to the Mayor of Denver, John Hickenlooper, the city spent

roughly $50,000,000 in logistical and security measures to prepare for

its first political convention in 100 years. At the time of this report

only 4 protesters have been arrested for minor disturbing the peace



The theme of the protestors in general has been “Recreate ’68” a

reference to the Democratic Convention of 40 years ago.  The police

would like to prevent incidents such as the political upheavel, riots,

and assassination or anything even close to that which occured that

same year.  They have adopted a zero tolerance policy and the Secret

Service, as well as many intelligence entities such as NORAD, will be

monitoring live video feeds.


As of yet there hasn’t been any violence from either side.

********************************************************** AllHipHop At The DNC. Monday, August 25, 2008 3:00 EST


AllHipHop will be bringing you color live from the Democratic National Convention here in Denver, Colorado.  Throughout the week we will update you on happenings, events, and the general tone of the convention.  As we journey through the next stage of developments towards this historic Election 2008, hopefully we can inform you and give you a different perspective and shed some light on things you didn’t know.


As the convention begins tonight, all eyes will be on Michelle Obama who is the headline speaker.  Her place in these events is of the utmost importance, as she is the first representative of Team Obama and will set the tone as how both she and her husband are viewed by America.


Mrs. Obama is no stranger to the campaign trail and has been an active participant thus far, providing a far different approach than Barack’s stadium filling speeches.  Michelle conversely has followed his performances with a far more intimate delivery, appearing in front of prospective voters in small towns and on smaller settings.  These appearances have given Michelle the nickname “The Closer,” as more often than not, those who hear her message generally change from the straddler to the converted.


Tonight’s program however, will have a decidedly different  tone. Her job will be to reintroduce herself as a wife and a mother; two roles that resonate with most Americans, and stands to soften the undercurrent of sentiment that she is aggressive and stand-offish.


Mrs. Obama will stand in front of 50,000 people tonight to combat the idea that Barack is high-brow, erudite, and out of touch with Middle America, despite both of their back stories speaking to the contrary. Michelle herself was raised in a one bedroom apartment above her aunts home with both her parents and her brother. This is the first and best chance to share her experiences and create that connection.


Family and the image of the common man will be prevalent in her speech.  As a wife of 15 years and a mother of two children, Michelle has often been cast in black media as a superwoman.  Tonight, projecting the image of everywoman will be key in helping her husband overcome the feeling that he can’t relate to the lives of the average American.  Despite Michelle’s appearance on The View, and on the covers on the covers of many magazines, the Obamas haven’t quite driven home that connection.  Perhaps tonight’s speech and the selection of Delaware Senator Joe Biden as a running mate will put the proverbial cherry on top.