Making His Debut: Upcoming Swedish Artist Robin Kadir is Headed to LA

But with only 4 singles released to date, it’s safe to say Kadir has a lot more to unveil.

It’s hard to pick a single highlight from Robin Kadir’s 3 ½ years professional career; from playing at Boston Calling to making hits in Dubai, the young Swedish artist is quickly making a name for himself as a producer, DJ, and creative visionary. 

Touring as a DJ since 2018, Kadir has more than a little experience working with a crowd. He’s currently a resident at Spy Bar, Stockholm’s most exclusive nightclub, which is where he can be found when he isn’t touring the country or flying to another one. 

Kadir thrives on an active lifestyle… one which he was forced to adapt when the pandemic hit. With live shows out of the picture, Kadir booked himself a flight to Dubai where he spent several months focusing on his music production. It was there he collaborated with Swedish rappers JireelMacky, and A36 to create Sanka, a single which has since gone on to sell gold in Sweden and do millions of streams.

It wasn’t the first time the world heard Kadir produce – back in 2019 he dropped his debut single Corazón to the reception of 2 million streams. But with only 4 singles released to date, it’s safe to say Kadir has a lot more to unveil. Working on his debut album, Kadir is excited to fully flesh out his sound like an international hip-hop lover. 

What Kadir does – both on and off the stage – isn’t just a matter of sticking to trends. Back in 2018, he directed, shot, and edited music videos for fellow Swedish artist Felix Sandman that went on to win the Best New Talent Music Video award at the Clubbing TV Awards in France. Kadir has both an eye and ear for creative production, as well as a vision that stands on its own.

Never one to take his foot off the gas, Kadir is maintaining his momentum with big plans for both music and travel. Moving to LA in less than two short weeks, the young artist plans to work with English-speaking artists for his debut album, slated for release later this year. And with his management already booking him shows in the post-lockdown USA, it’s time for this young man to go global.