Mike Tyson Shed 100 Pounds To Get Ready For Roy Jones Jr. Fight

Mike Tyson

Iron Mike has gotten back into tip top shape as he prepares to fight boxing legendary Roy Jones Jr.

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Mike Tyson had to lose 100 pounds to get back in fighting shape for his showdown with ROY JONES, JR.

The two boxing champions will hit the ring for a pay-per-view exhibition bout at the weekend (28Nov20) and The Hangover star admits training was tough for him, because he had so much weight to lose.

“I became a vegan and my wife told me to get on the treadmill,” he tells Good Morning America. “I went from 15 minutes on the treadmill (at first) and it winded up being two hours. I kept going to the gym, I watched my diet.”

And the 54-year-old insists Saturday’s clash of titans will be a “real fight”, adding, “I don’t know how to dance!”