Musical Artist Ttaya Day Used the Power of the Internet to Debut Herself as the Singer She Dreams of Being

Although Ttaya has decided to put her music out, she had to face setbacks because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

From a young age, Ttaya has been in love with music. Over the years, she explored the art of music and grew her passion. And last year, she had the courage to take her music online so she can share her passion with others. 

Here’s how her story goes: 

Growing a Childhood Passion 

“Since I was little I loved music. My dad used to play violin and I loved it, it always filled me up with joy! When I was five or six years old, that’s when I started to explore singing. Since then I was always intrigued by music and that is where my passion started to grow,” Ttaya Day shared. 

Although she enjoys it, Ttaya Day never had plans to put out her music. But this changed when she was nine years old. 

“I wanted to put my music out there because I figured out I loved musical theatre. That is when I fell in love with performing. I have officially started putting myself out online in mid-November 2019. This is where my music career started turning around,” Ttaya said. 

By working with music at a very young age, Ttaya believes she has a great understanding of music and this has helped her with singing and understanding the craft on a different level. She now has a clear view of her goals and what she wants to do as if it’s second nature to her. 

“I want to share my story and get people to connect with my music and hear a story they can connect with and not just think it’s just another song,” Ttaya said. 

Overcoming a Pressing Obstacle 

Although Ttaya has decided to put her music out, she had to face setbacks because of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“It pushed my brand and my new music seven months back. The first music album was supposed to be recorded in March, but it was pushed away due to COVID delays,” the artist said. 

Ttaya and her team also had problems creating a music brand and taking it online. They had a rough process to get her music and brand known online. 

But despite the challenges brought about by the pandemic, Ttaya managed to connect more with others. She now finds comfort in surrounding herself with positive people who support her, and help her grow as an artist



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