NBA Mock Draft Pt. 1

Well, if you were struggling to stay awake throughout this year’s NBA Finals matchup or simply decided to stop watching and watched Celebrity Fit Club instead like I did, remember that the NBA Draft is a little less than two weeks away.  Although completely overrated in my opinion, this draft has the potential to change […]

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Well, if you were struggling to stay awake throughout this year’s NBA Finals matchup or simply decided to stop watching and watched Celebrity Fit Club instead like I did, remember that the NBA Draft is a little less than two weeks away.  Although completely overrated in my opinion, this draft has the potential to change the fortunes of many teams (and in the cases of Boston and Memphis, let us know that blatantly losing makes you a loser no matter what).  Without further adieu, take a look at bx_rep’s Official Ill Community Mock Draft for the 2007 NBA Draft coming June 28.


1. Portland Trail Blazers- Greg Oden, C, Ohio State


This is a lock for Portland.  After seeing the workouts and training combine the NBA had over the last couple of weeks, Oden is the clear cut favorite for this pick just as he has been since his senior year of high school.  Oden is a game changer on the defensive end and when paired up with reigning Rookie of the Year Brandon Roy, a another up and coming center LaMarcus Aldridge, and maybe (or maybe not… more on this later) a 20 and 10 guy in Zach Randolph, the Blazers will be taking over the Western Conference… one season at a time.


2. Seattle Supersonics- Kevin Durant, F, Texas


No team needed a top 2 pick quite like the Seattle Supersonics who could possibly leave Seattle by 2010.  Durant is a franchise savior and although lifting 185 pounds for him is a chore, he will be no worse than the man he may either replace or play alongside: Rashard Lewis.  A Durant /Ray Allen /Chris Wilcox combo could be just what Seattle needs to keep their team going.


3. Atlanta Hawks- Brandan Wright, F, North Carolina


Ladies and Gentlemen, this is where the draft truly begins.  Now you were considered not cool last year if you were a GM who didn’t make a trade on draft night.  Billy Knight to Hawks fans is considered not cool because he drafts at every position except one that the team desperately needs: a point guard.  Now they could very well deal this pick, maybe for the Trail Blazers’ Zach Randolph, or go for Greg Oden’s Ohio State point man Mike Conley.  I think Wright is a good pick for one reason: they have the #11 pick in which they can still go after a PG.  However, if Knight drafts another swingman, prepare for ATL to get violent.


4. Memphis Grizzlies- Al Horford, F, Florida


The first team in the “tanks for nothing” club (Boston, I’ll get to you in a sec) seems like things are looking up.  They have a new coach (Mike Iavaroni) and star forward Pau Gasol seems like he’s on board to stay.  For a team that had the worst record in the NBA this season, they do have potential.  Adding Horford to play in the low post alongside Gasol could open up things for guys like last year’s first round selections Rudy Gay and Kyle Lowry as well as swingman Mike Miller and forward Hakim Warrick.  Horford is a winner who will teach this team how to go back to being the 50-win Grizzlies rather than unsuccessful tankers.


5. Boston Celtics- Yi Jianlian, F, China


Before I start, people: just because Yi is Chinese DOESN’T mean he’ll be the next Yao.  Anyway, there’s a very good chance Boston trades this pick as requested by star player Paul Pierce.  They are Memphis East, a team that was only horrible due to injury and have potential stars.  In the Celtics’ case, they have emerging forward Al Jefferson, guard Gerald Green, and point guard Rajon Rondo.  Adding Yi could boost their Asian fanbase in the Bean the way Daisuke Matsuzaka is doing for the Red Sox.  However, don’t be surprised if Phoenix makes a run at Yi with Shawn Marion as trade bait after the Hawks got to keep their first round pick.


6. Milwaukee Bucks- Joakim Noah, F, Florida


While Noah may remind you of Anderson Varejao, Noah is better.  He’s a glue guy that will hustle on every play and could become a 12 and 8 guy with a couple of blocks per game.  These are the guys you win titles with (ask Billy Donovan). If the Bucks can keep either guard Mo Williams or Charlie Bell, this is a no-brainer considering Bobby Simmons hasn’t done much since signing that big time contract.  This move makes the Bucks’ front court the lankiest, yet most likely to succeed trio in the East.


7. Minnesota Timberwolves- Corey Brewer, F, Florida


To many who know me on this site, this is obviously the pick I’m most interested in.  With Kevin Garnett’s time in Minny possibly running out and being led by the worst GM in basketball (I’m trying to be nice, guys) in Kevin McHale, Minnesota needs an impact player now.  Although Corey Brewer’s weight (185 pounds) makes T.I. look overweight, Brewer is a lanky guy who is also part of the Florida Gators pedigree.  An excellent defender, he can add pressure to guards and forwards while allowing Randy Foye even more freedom on the offensive end.  Scary.  In the Wolves’ case, this is the guy you can use to keep KG if he and All-Rookie first team guard Randy Foye play well.


8. Charlotte Bobcats- Jeff Green, F, Georgetown


Green is an NBA ready player who is not great at any one thing, but is consistent across the board. Although I personally would have loved to see him stay at Georgetown and have a shot at a National Title, Green seems mentally and physically poised for the rigors of the NBA.  He is ready to help Charlotte now and would be great insurance in case Gerald Wallace leaves via free agency.  If Wallace stays, it could be time to admit wrong and trade the disappointing 2006 #3 overall pick, Adam Morrison.  Wright is another character guy from a big time college that Charlotte likes.  MJ is 0/1 so far in Charlotte draftwise (I won’t bring up that fumbling center now in LA whom he drafted #1 overall).  He needs to do the right thing now.


9. Chicago Bulls- Spencer Hawes, C, Washington


I hope I’m not stating the obvious, but the New York Knicks could really use this pick.  Anyway, adding a project center in Hawes could make the Bulls better down the line when Ben Wallace’s best days are over.  They could trade this pick to move up for the much coveted Yi Jianlian, but this is not a bad pick for a team that is still growing.  Ben Wallace has three years left on his contract and could help Hawes get better defensively. 


10. Sacramento Kings- Mike Conley Jr., G, Ohio State


This pick spells the end of the Bibby Era (and what an era it was!) in Sactown. If Bibby doesn’t get dealt, Mike Bibby can be a good tutor in molding Conley’s game.  He’d be in a small market with no real pressure to win now, so he can develop at his pace (as long as that pace doesn’t take 10 years).  Conley is incredibly overrated and is only in this draft because the 2008 draft, potentially a much better draft, has much better PG’s.  He needs to work on his jumpshot if he wants to become an offensive threat as well, but the tools are there for him to succeed.