NFL WEEK 14 Thursday Throwdown

This week, Sports Illustrated named Green Bay Packers QB and soon-to-be Hall Of Famer, Brett Farve, the 2007 Sportsman of the Year.  Now I have nothing against Farve.  As mentioned, he’s already going to the Hall.  This we know.  Is he one of the Top 10 QBs in the history of the NFL? Yes.  Top […]

This week, Sports Illustrated named Green Bay Packers QB and

soon-to-be Hall Of Famer, Brett Farve, the

2007 Sportsman of the Year.  Now I have

nothing against Farve.  As mentioned,

he’s already going to the Hall.  This we

know.  Is he one of the Top 10 QBs in

the history of the NFL? Yes.  Top 5?

Definitely. Is he the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All-Time)?  It’s very debatable.  But, is he the 2007 Sportsman of the

Year?  Nope, not even. Last I checked,

the acclamation was for the year, not the past 3 months. 


Honestly, I would have nominated Indianapolis Colts Head

Coach Tony Dungy.  Let’s take a sec to think back; last

February we witnessed history with Dungy and Chicago Bears Head Coach Lovie Smith as the 1st

African-American Coaches to coach the Super Bowl.  Of course, due to the odds, one of them would be the first

African-American Coach to win the Super Bowl. As we know, this achievement went

to Dungy.  The reason I feel that Dungy

should be nominated is not just because he won the Super Bowl, but also the way

he has represented himself, the Colts organization, and the NFL.


After losing his son James in 2005, Dungy came back for the

2006-07 season to coach the Colts. 

Along the way, many in the media have criticized his soft-toned, mild

mannered behavior as a sign of being weak or soft.  Top that with his strong Christian belief, in a day in age where

many people question whether or not a God exists, he was definitely a target

for criticism.  Throughout it all, Dungy

kept his head high and focused on his faith, his family and his team.  In the end, Dungy not only brought class to

a franchise that was at one time, the laughing stock of the league, but also a

Super Bowl Championship.


Now, I can understand why S.I. would pick Farve.  I’m going to get my Mel Gibson on and

present my Conspiracy Theory. The NFL this year has had a string of bad

press since the beginning of the off-season. 

From Pac-Man Jones, to Michael Vick, to the latest with the Sean Taylor

shooting; the media has made the NFL look worst than the Delta

Tau Chi Fraternity from the movie Animal House.


It wouldn’t surprise me if the NFL conspired with S.I. and

told them that if they put Farve on the cover, they would compensate them with

a hefty payment or endorsement of some sorts. 

Why not, they put a good ole boy on the cover and have the rest of the

country forget about the black athletes in the NFL who have done some good and

have represented the NFL in the manner in which is expected from their players

and coaches. You know what; I’m going to stop now.  I’m beginning to sound more like the Baltimore Ravens after their

lost to the Pats on MNF with my theories. But when you get a chance, think

about it.    


8:15 pm, NFL



Chicago Bears (5-7) vs. Washington Redskins


Location: FedEx Field, Landover, MD


Now before we get any further, let me ask you this, why would

Skins Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams  put 10 men on the field as a tribute to Sean Taylor and not run it

by Head Coach Joe

Gibbs?  Gibbs has claimed he

didn’t know that Williams and the defense were going to do that.  I think he’s lying through teeth and I’ll

tell you why. 


Last week in the Ill Community, a topic

was started titled; “Skins will play without

FS on first play on Sunday

In it, it states the Skins, and quite possibly the Bills, were going to

start the game with 10 men on the field in tribute to Taylor.  Before the game on Fox’s NFL Countdown, it

was reported that the Skins were going to do it.  So I’m not buying the fact that Gibbs didn’t know.  He had to have known and I think he said he

didn’t know just to cover his butt for the loss.  Not buying that for one second. 

Nice try homeboy.


This is a “do or die” game for both teams.  The loser of this game is out of the

picture.  The winner is still in the

picture, but barely. As already mentioned, the Skins lost a heartbreaker to the

Bills while the Bears gave the Giants the win last week.  With the Skins trying to prepare for

tonight’s game on a short week and the Bears trying to figure out what happened

last Sunday in the loss, the outcome of tonight’s game will be interesting to

see, nonetheless.



The Bears are ranked 24th in offense and 28th

in defense.  The Skins are ranked 17th

in offense and 10th in defense. 

Just because the Skins have the better numbers, doesn’t make them a lock

for the win this Sunday.


On offense, the Skins’ O-line needs to create running room

for RB Clinton Portis.   Portis

is feeling the effects of an ankle injury; so don’t be surprised if RB Ladell


gets the start.  Whoever is

running for the Skins tonight needs to have the O-line to fight it out in the

trenches to open up some running lanes and wear down the Bears D-line.  The Bears need to take it to the air against

the Redskins Secondary. 


Despite the tragic loss of Taylor, the Skins’ CBs are banged

up.  Carlos Rogers is out for the

year with a knee injury and Shawn Springs is hurting with a bad

back.  The Bears have the 14th

ranked passing offense in the league. 

Now is the time for Rex Grossman and the Bears’ offense to shake

of their inconsistent play and go on an air strike against the Skins.


On defense, the Skins need to get to Grossman and the Bears’

WRs.  With the inconsistency of the

Bears’ offense, the Skins need to disrupt the rhythm of the Bears offense and

force some mistakes.  The Bears have to

go after Portis and Campbell. They Bears cannot allow Portis to run all over

them tonight.  They have to get into the

Skins backfield shut down the play at the snap of the ball.  If the Bears allow Portis any opportunity to

hit them for a big play, it’s going to be a rough night for the Bears defense.


Both teams have not been as focused on the game as much as

they should be, but the Skins have gone to the next level of being

unfocused.  There has been too much

going on in D.C. for the Skins to focus in on the prize at hand.  As much as it pains me to say this

considering the circumstances of the past week, it looks as though after this

game, the Skins need to start preparing for next season.


My Pick:  Bears