Nour Atta: An Promising Name and Figure Rising High in the Niches of the Music World.

Nour Atta is carving a special niche and name for himself by composing and singing enchanting tracks is an emerging artist, Nour Atta.

The way several young budding talents are flourishing in their respective fields has been simply remarkable. The knowledge they perceive to master their art helps them to explore widely. When we glance at the young talent of the music industry, the skill, creativity, and perfect implementation they enhance in their work are inspirational.

The music industry is a huge ocean where massive artist have set their benchmark and to survive between them successfully is a tricky job. Only pure artists like Nour Atta can do it with panache. The young talent is creating a huge buzz with his music craft and mesmerizing voice texture. 

Grew up with the only desire of being a singer, he started working on his dream at a tender age and polish his music craft with long hours of practice, daily gaining knowledge of music. His own experience inbuilt the correct sense of each beat and rhythm which has been the most important factor of music.

His all-recent tracks like – Stars, Mentality, Go on, On Me, Feelin and many more are majorly successful. Millions of audiences have appreciated his music craft and the melodious voice he is blessed with. The stupendous success of his tracks gave him recognition in the industry and in the millions of listeners’ hearts.  

Nour Atta is an artist which makes his listener’s hearts smile and minds happy. His journey of being a music artist was not a walk in the park. The self-made man made it possible with his strong desire, dedication, and consistent performances.

Today he is a renowned name of the music world and has a sound fan following on social domains. Along with music artist, he is also a Founder of @stockhours, @cryptohours, @tradelikenour, and @iaexotics. These enhance his unique skills and creative mind which is exploring astonishing in each field. The journey Nour Atta is truly inspiring – ‘nothing is impossible if you have a strong desire, passion, and patience to pursue your dream.’ 

It’s just a beginning much more endeavor is on the way. Stay tuned! Do follow him on Instagram @nourtrades and listen to his songs on Spotify @