OUT OF BOUNDS: Are You Ready For Some Football?

It’s here!!! It’s time to pull out the team hoodies, t-shirts, and hats. It’s Kickoff Weekend!!!  I’m as happy as John Madden watching Brett Favre play football.  What better way to start off the 2008-09 NFL season than Thursday Night Football featuring the defending champs facing off against a divisional foe?   Before we get […]

It’s here!!! It’s time to pull out the team hoodies, t-shirts, and hats. It’s Kickoff Weekend!!!  I’m as happy as John Madden watching Brett Favre play football.  What better way to start off the 2008-09 NFL season than Thursday Night Football featuring the defending champs facing off against a divisional foe?


Before we get into the games, there are a few things we need to go over.


You meant Ochenta y Cinco, right?

Now I failed Spanish in High School, but even I knew that “Ocho Cinco meant Eight-Fiveand not “Eighty Five”. Apparently not Chad Javon Johnson. Last week Chad legally changed his name Chad Javon Ocho Cinco in the great state of Florida.  Not surprising that the state of Florida would co-sign on the name change considering that this is the home of one of the biggest screw-ups in the history of American politics. Go figure. 


Now I already gave my two-cents on the situation on my blog, but I will ask this; there was nothing else you could have done better with your time than change your name?  On top of that, you used the wrong pronunciation.  Really? Word? This is life now? Focus on the game man, this extra stuff is the reason why you have issues with your head coach.


I will say this, it wouldn’t surprise me if word came out that the “big wigs” in the NFL’s Offices weren’t too happy about the name change despite the fact that this will be a major money maker in terms of marketing and sales of Johnson’s…excuse me, Ocho Cinco’s Bengals jerseys.     


O-lineman shot in Jacksonville

Jacksonville Jaguar’s OT Richard Collier was shot several times Tuesday morning in a downtown-suburban area of Jacksonville. 


Collier and former Jaguars’ D-end Kenneth Pettway were waiting for two females they met at a club outside of an apartment complex when Collier’s Cadillac Escalade was swarmed by gunfire around 2:45 a.m., Tuesday morning.


Collier is the 3rd NFL player who has sustained injury from gunfire in the last year and a half. (Darrent Williams and Sean Taylor in 2007)


Nowadays, if it’s not an athlete who is involved in a shooting, it’s an athlete being robbed at gun point. The question that has to be asked is, “what can be done to stop this?”


If an athlete goes out and gets a security crew, then the press will be all over them about their “entourage”.  If the team or league installs a curfew for the players, then you’ll have players hollering about the fact that they are grown men and should not have a curfew.  This is a no win situation at the moment and something has to be done before there’s no more athletes left to play the game.


Our prayers go out to the family, friends and teammates of Richard Collier.


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With that aside, let pick some games:


Thursday Night Game 9/04/08


7:00 PM

Washington Redskins at New York Giants

Giants Stadium

East Rutherford, NJ

My Pick: Giants


It’s the season opener folks.  The season has begun and I’m going with the G-men in this game despite the hit they took on defense with the loss of Osi Umenyiora.


Although the key to the G-men’s success is their defense, I’m focusing on their offense this year. With no real leader on defense, it’s the offense’s time to step up.


I’m not sold on the Skins this season. There’s something about the Skins that just doesn’t fit right.  Although the Skins hired Jim Zorn as their head coach after the departure of Joe Gibbs, it’s something about their defense that’s missing. Their defense just doesn’t look strong enough to rock out in the NFC East. Playing in the NFC East, you’re defense has to be on point and this year, I don’t see big things coming from the Skins defense.


Sunday 9/07/08


1pm Games

Tampa Bay Buccaneers at New Orleans Saints

SuperdomeNew Orleans, LA

My Pick: Saints


At the moment, the Bucs are the current NFC South Champs. I don’t see it being their year to repeat as conference champs this season. The Saints made some moves during the offseason when they traded for TE Jeremy Shockey. With a healthy Deuce McAllistar in the mix, this offense is scary.


Hurricane Gustav may have thrown the Saints off schedule this week, but come Sunday, I believe the Saints will come marching into victory.


St. Louis Rams at Philadelphia Eagles

Lincoln Financial FieldPhiladelphia, PA

My Pick: Eagles


I’m actually very intrigued with this game. Both teams are about the same on offense, but the Eagles look a little stronger on defense with the addition of Asante Samuels.  The Rams did use their top draft picks on defense, but the Eagles are just a little stronger. Defense wins games, so I’m going with the Eagles on this one.


Take note; if both of these teams can stay healthy and shake off the injury bug that they suffered last season, the Eagles and the Rams can be a problem for a number of teams in the league.


New York Jets at Miami    

Dolphin StadiumMiami, FL

My Pick: Jets


I’m also very intrigued with this game as well. The back story behind this match-up is what makes this game interesting.  We know what happen with Favre and we know what happened to Chad once Favre became a Jet.  Now the two will face off in Week 01. This is so exciting!!!!


During the pre-season, both 1st team offenses looked good. Both teams moved the ball well on the ground and through the air.  So defense will be the key for victory in this game. The Jets have the better defense in this game, therefore, the Jets will win.


Kansas City Chiefs at New England Patriots

Gillette StadiumFoxboro, MA

My Pick: Patriots


The Chiefs are rebuilding and the Pats are still the Pats. Until Brady and Belichick are separated from the Pats, this team will continue to win. No matter how old the defense is; this team gets wins.  Plus, I’ll take Brady with a bummed leg over a healthy Brodie Croyle any day.


Houston Texans at Pittsburgh Steelers     

Heinz FieldPittsburgh, PA

My Pick: Steelers


Although I’m picking the Texans as my sleeper team for this season, their 1st win for the season won’t come in this game.  The Steelers’ are the better team in this match-up.  They have the better defense and their offense has always been consistent.


The Texans are a young team whose stock is slowly rising on the offensive side of the ball; it’s just not their time in this game.


Cincinnati Bengals at Baltimore Ravens     

M&T Bank StadiumBaltimore, MD

My Pick: Ravens


The Bengals have a good offense but a terrible defense.  The Ravens have a good defense and an okay offense.  So I gotta go with the Ravens on this one.  The X-factor in this game is Willis McGahee. With the addition of Ray Rice, the Ravens can run the ball, and that’s a luxury the Bengals don’t have at the moment.


Detroit Lions at Atlanta Falcons  

Georgia Dome

Atlanta, GA 

My Pick: Lions


The Lions are healthy at the moment and if the beginning of last season is any indication, the Lions will roar early in the season.  If this team can stay healthy throughout the year, they can play the role of spoiler for a lot of teams in the league this year, with hopes of making the playoffs.


The Falcons are rebuilding and with a new coach and a new offense in place, it’ll be a while before the Falcons can really contend. I will say this, with the addition of Michael “Burner” Turner; the Falcons’ run offense will be very interesting to watch this season. Hopefully it will help alleviate some of the stress rookie QB Matt Ryan will face during his 1st year as the starter.


Seattle Seahawks at Buffalo Bills

Ralph Wilson StadiumBuffalo, NY

My Pick: Seahawks


Both of these teams are solid on both sides of the ball, but the Seahawks are just a tad bit stronger on offense than the Bills. The veteran experience for the Seahawks is what puts them over the Bills on both offense and defense. I believe this game will have one of the closest scores of the day this Sunday. 


Jacksonville Jaguars  at Tennessee Titans

LP FieldNashville, TN

My Pick: Jaguars


Like the Broncos and Redskins before them, the Jags will enter this Sunday’s game with a heavy heart due to uncontrollable circumstances. Fortunately for the Jags, their 1st game of the season is against a divisional foe that didn’t do much during the offseason to help improve their offense.


The Titans went through two days of a Draft and didn’t get their star QB, Vince Young, any help on offense. Mind you, all of this happened on the heels of the firing of former offensive coordinator Norm Chow. The Titans defense is strong; too bad I can’t say the same about their offense.


4pm Games

ALLHipHop’s NFL Game of the Week

Dallas Cowboys at Cleveland Browns 

Cleveland Browns StadiumCleveland, OH

My Pick: Cowboys


First let me say this, I am not drinking the “Cleveland Browns” Kool-Aid. Many people have them giving the Steelers a run for their money in the AFC North. As much as I want to hop on that band wagon, I can’t.  I’m not convinced that their defense will hold up for the entire season.


The Cowboys are favored to win the NFC Championship this year and on paper; they should. Hopefully this is the year they shake off the “Canibus” curse, 2nd Round Knockout, and are focused enough to move on to the championship round in this year’s playoffs. As far as this game goes, the ‘Boys are the better team all around. Both the offense and defense are too much for this young Brown’s squad.


Carolina Panthers at San Diego Chargers  

Qualcomm StadiumSan Diego, CA

My Pick: Chargers


When we last saw the Chargers, they were on the bad end of the AFC Championship game. There was discord among the players and the future looked a little bleak.  This team wasn’t running through the same vein and it showed in their performance in that game.


This year, they seemed focused; they seem to be ready to run through that same vein again with their eyes on a championship. So much so; one of their key players on defense is willing to forgo season ending surgery for that title run and that says a lot about the mindset this team is in. 


The Panthers are recovering from major injuries from last season and in some sense, overcoming some team discord of their own. Now it’s time to see if this team is healthy enough to put up some big numbers on the scoreboard. I just don’t see it happening against a solid Chargers defense.  


Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers

Candlestick Park

San Francisco, CA

My Pick: 49ers


Both teams came into the preseason with QB controversies. Both teams got it straight before the season started.  The 49ers tag QB J.T. O’Sullivan the starter’s role by Week 2 of the preseason.  The Cards waited until last Sunday to name Kurt Warner the starter. Now that the QBs are in place, which one of the two will have success this Sunday?


Well, I’m going with the 49ers and that’s because of their defense. Lawson, Willis, Smith and Clements on defense are a scary look if they stay healthy. With the addition of Takeo Spikes, this defense is poised to pitch some shut outs on the defensive side of the ball.


Sunday Night Football, 8 pm

Chicago Bears at Indianapolis Colts

Lucas Oil Stadium

Indianapolis, IN

My Pick: Colts


In a rematch of Super Bowl XLI, take what I said about Brady and Belichick; change those names to Manning and Dungy. Then, take what I said about the Chiefs and Brody Croyle and change that to the Bears and any QB on the Bears offense. Add in the fact that the Bear’s defense isn’t what it once was, and you have my reason why I think the Bears will lose this game.


Monday Night Football 9/08/08


7pm Game

Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers

Lambeau FieldGreen Bay, WI

My Pick: Packers


I’m going with the Packers in this game because of Aaron Rodgers. This is his time to shine and with the same weapons his predecessor had on offense last season, he has the opportunity to take control of this team and make it his own. 


I’m not confident that Tarvaris Jackson is 100% healthy for this week’s match-up and that will have a major effect on what this offense will do on the field.  Thankfully for Jackson, he has one of the best running backs in the game playing with him in Adrian Peterson.  If Peterson can really get it going on Monday night, then the Vikings have a good chance to win.


 I believe that the new look Packers will come out Monday night, at home, and give the cheese heads a little something to help them forget about #4.



Denver Broncos at Oakland Raiders

McAfee ColiseumOakland, CA

My Pick: Raiders


The Broncos are the bigger, better, stronger team on paper.  Hold up , we’re talking about the Raider nation baby, and with JaMarcus Russell starting in his 1st full regular season this year and the addition of Darren “Run-DMC” McFadden at the running back position, this offense will be something to reckon with. 


Also the addition of DeAngelo Hall to the secondary doesn’t hurt as well. Like the Packers, I also see the Raiders coming out, at home, on Monday Night Football, making some noise at McAfee Coliseum and restoring the Raider mystic in their home opener.


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