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Week 10 started with Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos doing their best impersonation of John Elway and The Drive. Who know what the remainder of the week will have in store? We’ll just have to wait and find out. For the meantime, we can discuss the games.   While we’re on the topic of […]

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Week 10 started

with Jay Cutler and the Denver Broncos doing their best impersonation of John Elway

and The Drive.

Who know what the remainder of the week will have in store? We’ll just have to

wait and find out. For the meantime, we can discuss the games.


While we’re on the topic of discussion:


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I’ll be on at the start of the 1pm games and for the

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games of the day. If you’re having problems logging into the Ill Community, hit

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with your issues and he’ll help you the best way he can. Now, let’s get

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AllHipHop’s NFL

Game of the Week

Sunday Night Football, 10/09/08, 8:30 pm

New York Giants (7-1)

at Philadelphia

Eagles (5-3)

Lincoln Financial Field,

Philadelphia, PA

My Pick: Giants


Offense: Giants are ranked

fifth, Eagles are ranked sixth. Defense: Giants are ranked third, Eagles are

ranked fifth. I don’t know about you, but this is gonna be a great game. The

last time the Giants and Eagles faced off in Philly, the G-men just squeaked

by with the victory. Look for the same in this game.


Both teams have won

three of their last four games.  Both the

offense and defense for each team have been playing smart ball, so this game

will come down to which team will make the first mistake.


While the Eagles

have the better QB in Donovan McNabb, I’m still going with Eli manning

and the Giants. The Eagles have been playing great ball thus far this season,

but the Giants have been playing great ball since last season. They’ve carried

the momentum from last season in this season and haven’t stopped since.


The momentum and

consistency the Giants are carrying will continue in this game as they pad

their lead in the NFC.


Sunday, 11/09/08, 1pm games

New Orleans

Saints (4-4) at Atlanta

Falcons (5-3)

Georgia Dome,

Atlanta, GA

My Pick: Atlanta


Let’s be honest, who would have thought that the Falcons

were going to be this solid?  Their

offense is ranked seventh in the NFL and their 16th ranked defense

isn’t too bad either. Could this be the return of the Dirty Bird in A-T-L?

We’ll have to wait and see at the end of the year. 


As well as the Saints offense is playing, their defense is

not that strong. With a defense that’s ranked 24th in the NFL, I’m

not seeing the Saints getting the win against the Falcons. 


Tennessee Titans (7-0)

at Chicago Bears (5-3)


Field, Chicago, IL

My Pick: Titans


When QB Kyle Orton injured his ankle last week and Rex

Grossman came into the game, half of Chicago

jumped off the Michigan

Avenue Bridge. Did we forget that Grossman did lead that team to

a Super Bowl

in 2006?


Look, I’m not a big fan of Mr. Grossman’s play making

abilities either, but don’t throw him under the bus just yet. Let’s see what

happens in this game and make our judgment then.


Oh, they play the Titans this week. Never mind, this game is

over. Sorry Rex, too bad your first start for the season is against the NFL’s

only undefeated team with a killer defense. Talk about your luck of the draw.


Jacksonville Jaguars

(3-5) at Detroit Lions (0-8)

Ford Field, Detroit, MI

My Pick: Jaguars


Lions, QB Dan Orlovsky is out this week with two

fractures and a torn ligament in his right thumb. Therefore, the Lions

went out this week and signed Daunte

Culpepper. It took the Lions to bring Daunte out of retirement.

Yet, it’s still the Lions and they still stink. Go with the Jags, trust me.


Seattle Seahawks (2-6)

at Miami

Dolphins (4-4)

Dolphin Stadium, Miami, FL

My Pick: Dolphins


The Dolphins have are the better team in this match-up. They

have better defense and they move the ball well on offense. In addition,

they’re a healthy squad unlike the Seahawks. 

Although Matt Hasselbeck and Deion Branch returned to

practice on Saturday, Hasselbeck will still sit out with a bad



With injuries slowing down the Seahawks, the Dolphins look

like the safe pick.


Green Bay Packers (4-4) at Minnesota

Vikings (4-4)


Minneapolis, MN

My Pick: Vikings


The last time the Packers and the Vikings met, it was the

Monday Night opener. It was also Aaron Rodgers’ coming out party.  Now we’re nine weeks removed from that night

and both teams are 4-4.  The Vikes have

won three of their last four games and the Packers are 2-2 in their last four



Both teams are practically even from an offensive

standpoint. The Vikes are ranked 13th in the league. Right behind the Vikes

are the Packers, who are ranked 14th in total offense. One clear advantage in this game is the defensive side of the ball. The Packers’ defense

is ranked 20th in the NFL, the Vikes’ defense is ranked 11th. 


The other advantage is that the Vikes can run the ball on

offense and stop the run on defense. The Vikes have the second best rushing

defense in the league and the sixth best rushing offense. The Packers have had

issues running the ball this year, and that will be their Achilles’ heel in

this game. 


Buffalo Bills (5-3)

at New England Patriots (5-3)

Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA

My Pick: Patriots


This is another game where both teams are pretty even.  The Bills are ranked 10th in total

defense and 20th in total offense. 

The Pats are ranked 18th in total offense and 14th

in total defense. So I’m gonna chalk this win up to the team with the most experience.


The Bills are a good, young team that is experiencing much

success this season. The Pats, not only have the more experienced players, but also

the more experienced coach as well. I’ll go with the safe bet in this game and

roll with the Pats.


Baltimore Ravens (5-3) at Houston Texans (3-5)

Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX

My Pick: Ravens


Because of Hurricane Ike, this game was pushed back to this

date. Therefore, this game was eight weeks in the making. The Ravens have the better defense in this game, and they

run the ball well. The Texans have an explosive offense, but the Ravens defense

is better. You’re better off taking the Ravens in this game.


St. Louis Rams (2-6) at New York Jets (5-3)


Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

My Pick: Jets


The Jets are winning games. They’re some ugly wins, but a

win is a win. Thankfully for the Jets, they are facing the Rams, who are

2-2 in their last four games.


The Rams may have a .500 record for the last four weeks, but

the team is still rebuilding and still struggling. The Jets defense is much

better than how they have performed for the past few weeks and the offensive

rushing attack has been solid. 


With the Jets having the better defense in this game, and a

solid ground game, I’ll have to roll with the Jets in this one.


4pm games

Carolina Panthers

(6-2) at Oakland Raiders (2-6)


Coliseum, Oakland, CA

My Pick: Panthers


Sometimes as a pro-football fan, there are certain teams you

just want to see do well because of that team’s history or mystique. For me,

it’s the Raiders. I’ve always been intrigued with the mystique of the Raider

Nation. Despite their most recent track record of performance, their fans

remain loyal and I respect that.


Then you see them do something stupid like fire their head

coach in the middle of the season. Or better yet, release a

solid defensive player in the middle of the season, so that same said player,

can sign with another team and help them with their playoff push.

Then you realize that whoever is running the team is: a) the dumbest person on

the face of this earth, b) an old, senile man who still thinks this is the

1960s or 70s and tries to run the team in that fashion, or c) all of the above.


The funny thing is that the rest of you would answer “C”. Since

my answer is the same as yours, I hope the Raiders lose. They stink and the Panthers are the better team overall in this match-up. This

team will continue to lose on and off the field under the current ownership if

a change isn’t made soon.


Kansas City Chiefs

(1-7) at San Diego Chargers (3-5)

Qualcomm Stadium, San Diego, CA

My Pick: Chargers


The Chiefs fell out of the market in trying to sign Daunte

Culpepper, so it’s back to Ty Thigpen running the offense on the field. The

Chargers record maybe 3-5, but they have the Chiefs this weekend. Similar to

the Raiders, Lions and Rams before them, the Chiefs stink as well.


This should be an easy win for the Chargers. Anything under

a 10 point win is not acceptable. The Chargers will win by an “Obama”.  That means they’ll win by a landslide.   


Indianapolis Colts

(4-4) at Pittsburgh Steelers


Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA

My Pick: Steelers


See, this is the problem with the Thursday Night game and

making your picks, once you make them in the Pickem League, they’re locked in.

See my original pick for this game was the Steelers. That was until news came

out on Friday that RB Willie Parker

was out and “Big” Ben Roethlisberger

is questionable for this Sunday’s game. Now I gotta pick the Colts for this

game, right?


Not so fast my friend. While the Steelers offense is ranked lower than the Colts, they still have the best defense in the league. Offense brings in fans,

defense wins games and championships. I’m going to roll with the Steelers’

defense for the win.


Monday Night Football, 11/03/08, 8:30pm

San Francisco 49ers

(2-6) at Arizona Cardinals


University of

Phoenix Stadium, Glendale, AZ

My Pick: Cardinals


The entire Monday Night Football Crew is probably asking

themselves, “Lord, what did we do wrong to deserve such a punishment?” This is

not going to be a pretty game on the field which will make this game hard to

watch. As many of you already know, I’m a 49er fan through thick and thin and

this week’s game is definitely the “thin”.


The Cards have been playing good football, and they can pad

their lead in the NFC West with a win in this game. The 49ers are still a team

in trouble despite the “motivational

techniques” of head coach Mike Singletary.


The 49ers defense is still underachieving and they still can

not move the ball on offense. QB Shaun Hill will get start for the 49ers this

Monday Night. Hopefully they can make something happen on offense. I still

don’t think that’s enough for this team to win against a solid Cards’ offense,

with a revived Kurt Warner running the offense on the field.


As much as I want my beloved 49ers to prove me wrong, it’s

not going to happen. The Cards are the safe bet.


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