OUT OF BOUNDS: Lil Wayne’s ESPN Blog, Charles Haley Wildin’, Week 4 Picks

Lil Wayne’s ESPN Blog When we dropped the Week 02 edition of OUT OF BOUNDS, Haughville asked why I didn’t have any Hip-Hop news about the athletes. To be honest, we’re here to talk football; I leave the Hip-Hop news to the experts. But, I will keep an eye out for any Hip-Hop related news […]

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Lil Wayne’s ESPN Blog

When we dropped the Week 02 edition of OUT OF BOUNDS, Haughville asked why I didn’t have any Hip-Hop news about the athletes. To be honest, we’re here to talk football; I leave the Hip-Hop news to the experts. But, I will keep an eye out for any Hip-Hop related news of interest when it comes to sports for future articles.


Well today is your lucky day Haughville, I got some Sports/Hip-Hop new for you this week.


The online edition of ESPN the Magazine debuted Lil Wayne’s blog this week and truthfully speaking, it’s not bad.  Lil Wayne is a big sports fan, so it’s going to be interesting to see what he brings to the table in the weeks to come about the world of sports. I’ll definitely be on the lookout.


Clinton Portis vs. Brian Mitchell

First, did anyone catch the little war of words between Redskins RB Clinton Portis and former NFL RB Brian Mitchell on John Thompson’s radio show from last week? It got real heated and one point, Thompson just lost control of the show.


If you haven’t heard it, click here to listen and to discuss it click here to check out the thread in the Cheap Seats.


Charles Haley is a wild boy

ProFootballTalk.com has an excerpt from Jeff Pearlman‘s book about the Dallas Cowboys titled Boys Will Be Boys. You can read and discuss the excerpt here. All I can say is that Charles Haley is a wild boy.


NFL’s Most Valuable Teams

Forbes.com named the Dallas Cowboys the NFL’s Most Valuable team. You can read the article here and discuss it, click here.


ALLHipHop’s NFL Game of the Week for Week 05

Poll Answers


ALLHipHop’s NFL Game of the Week

Sunday, 9/28/08, 4pm

Washington Redskins (2-1) at Dallas Cowboys (3-0)

Texas Stadium, Irving, TX


If you think the Eagles/Cowboys game was a battle, wait until this game starts. The Redskins always seem to step their game up when they play the Cowboys, so I’m looking for this game to be a battle until the end. 


The Cowboys are the better team but this game is going to be close. Coach Zorn and the rest of the team know the importance of this game, so they’re going to throw everything they have at the Cowboys, including the kitchen sink.


If the Skins are going to win this game they have to keep the Cowboys’ offense off  the field by controlling the ball and on defense, they have to slow down the running game and force Tony Romo into some mistakes.


They Cowboys just have to keep doing what they’ve been doing for the past three weeks: continue to move the ball on the ground to open up the passing game and avoid mental mistakes.


I’m not a fan of either team, but I look forward to this match-up every year. This is going to be a good game.


My Pick: Cowboys


Sunday, 9/28/08, 1pm games

Green Bay Packers (2-1) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2-1)

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL


Most people have the Bucs winning this game, not I. Although Brian Griese is playing well and the defense has been solid, this is still an older team.


The Packers are still feeling the sting of the loss to the Cowboys game, so  look for them to use that as motivation on Sunday. Plus, the Packer’s offense has youth n its side and it may be too much for the older, more experienced Buccaneer’s defense.


My Pick: Packers


Houston Texans (0-2) at Jacksonville Jaguars (1-2)

Jacksonville Municipal Stadium, Jacksonville, FL


The league made it real difficult for you to bet on the Texans this year. With the exception of the rescheduled Raven’s game, the Texans have or will play a playoff team from last season. Good luck with that Gary Kubiak.


The Jags are the better team on both sides of the ball.  The Texans WRs are solid, but that’s it.  This looks to be a long day for the Texans.


My Pick: Jaguars


Atlanta Falcons (2-1) at Carolina Panthers (2-1)

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC


Statistically, these two teams are pretty much evenly matched.


I’m going with the Panthers here because of their passing offense. The Panthers’ passing game will be the key factor in this game. With the return of Steve Smith, look for the Panthers to test the Falcons’ secondary and air it out.   


My Pick: Panthers


Arizona Cardinals (2-1) at New York Jets (1-2)

Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ


Brett Favre is listed as “questionable” with a sore left ankle, but he’s going to play. It still won’t be enough to stop the Cards.


The Cards are moving the ball well on offense with Kurt Warner at the helm. His veteran leadership is beginning to show in the offense’s play making abilities.


The Jets spent a lot of money in the offseason on offense and defense, but it looks as though the Jets aren’t getting their money’s worth. Look for the Jets to go 1-3 after this Sunday’s game.


My Pick: Cardinals


San Francisco 49ers (2-1) at New Orleans Saints (1-2)

Superdome, New Orleans, LA


The 49ers have been impressive as of late. They blew out the Lions last Sunday and it looks like Mike Martz’s offense seems to work with the 49ers’ offensive personnel.


Like the rest on the world, I watched the Saints make a comeback on the Broncos, only to fall short, so I can see why some people have the Saints winning this weekend. Not the kid. Yeah, I know the 49ers are my favorite team, but it’s their defense that has been impressive and keeping them in games. That’s the reason why I picked them to win.


The 49ers’ defense is ranked 9th in the league while the Saints’ defense is ranked 28th. Look for the 49ers’s defense to overwhelm the Saints’ offense and march out of New Orleans with the win.


My Pick: 49ers


Cleveland Browns (0-3) at Cincinnati Bengals (0-3)

Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH


In the beginning of the week, the Browns had QB Derek Anderson on a short leash.  Then they had a change of heart. Don’t worry; they’re not the only team going through some internal turmoil. We’ll discuss more on that later. 


For now, I’m going with the Bengals for the win. Neither team has any defense at all, but the Bengals offense is starting to click. It began to show signs of life towards the end of their game against the NY Giants, and that momentum will carry over in this game and with the Browns’ offense looking flat at the moment; the Bengals are in a good position to get their 1st win of the season.


My Pick: Bengals


Minnesota Vikings (1-2) at Tennessee Titans (3-0)

LP Field, Nashville, TN


The Titans are ranked 3rd in total defense.  The Vikes are ranked 7th in total defense.  So it’s going to come down to whichever offense makes the least mistakes.


I’m going with the Titans in this game. Kerry Collins has been managing the game well and has had more recent action than Gus Frerotte.


Also, I don’t see RB Adrian Peterson having a big game against this solid Titans’ defense.


My Pick: Titans


Denver Broncos (3-0) at Kansas City Chiefs (0-3)

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO


The Broncos squeak out their 3rd win of the season against to the Saints due mainly to a missed field goal.  That’s the 2nd game in a row where “lady luck” was on their side. 


Fortunately, Broncos’ fans won’t have to worry about a visit from “lady luck” this week because they’re playing the Chiefs. The Chiefs are just a mess at the moment, so this should be an easy game for the Broncos. 


As long as they keep their guard up and avoid any comebacks, the Broncos have this game in the bag.


My Pick: Broncos


4pm games

San Diego Chargers (1-2) at Oakland Raiders (1-2)

McAfee Coliseum, Oakland, CA


The Chargers were not playing last week and last week’s win was what they needed to get this offense going. The Raiders tried to comeback on the Bills and lost on a last second FG.


With the Chargers finding their offense and the Raiders going through their internal turmoil, I have to go with the Chargers in this one.  


Despite the 1-2 record, the Chargers have the 5th best offense in the league.  The Raiders’ defense is ranked 21st. With a new burst of energy on the offense; look for the Chargers to take it to the Raiders’ defense for the win.     


My Pick: Chargers


Buffalo Bills (3-0) at St. Louis Rams (0-3)

Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis, MO


Rams RB, Steven Jackson, is not happy with head coach Scott Linehan.  Linehan is on the hot seat and changes are needed, but you don’t bench your starting QB like that. You don’t pay him all of that money, just to ride the pine. He’s not the problem; the team on a whole is the problem. There are just too many gaps in the team that need to be filled.


With that said, I’m going with the Bills.  Their offense (13th overall) and defense (5th overall) is solid and if they keep it up, they just may make some noise in the AFC East. Look out Patriot fans, this may be the year the Bills will come at your team for the AFC East title.


The Rams don’t have it together this year so look for the Bills to put the hammer down on the Rams this Sunday.


My Pick: Bills


Sunday Night Football, 8pm

Philadelphia Eagles (2-1) at Chicago Bears (1-2)

Soldier Field, Chicago, IL


I have to confess, I am very impressed with the way the Eagles have been playing for the past 3 weeks. 


Despite the Week 2 loss to the Cowboys, the Eagles have been doing the little things right.  They move the ball well through the air and on the ground and their defense comes at you from every angle. 


The Bears are a “middle of the road” team from a statistical stand point on both offense and defense. Although they have a solid running back in Matt Forte, it won’t be enough against the league’s 4th best defense.  This looks to be a sweet homecoming for Donovan McNabb and the win will be icing on the cake.


My Pick: Eagles


Monday Night Football, 9/29/08, 8:30pm

Baltimore Ravens (2-0) at Pittsburgh Steelers (2-1) 

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA


After last week’s loss to the Eagles, the Steelers have some work ahead of them.


Ben Roethlisberger is hurting with a bum shoulder and with RB Rashard Mendenhall getting the start for the Steelers for the injured Willie Parker; the Ravens’ defense is licking their lips just to get at this squad.  Plus, it doesn’t help that Mendenhall gave the Ravens some bulletin board material.


The loss to the Eagles was tough for the Steelers.  Although the score was close, the Eagles beat them up bad and it’s going to take some time for the Steelers get it together.  Monday Night is the perfect time for the league’s best defense (Ravens) to take it to the Steelers and hold on to their lead in the AFC North.


My Pick: Ravens



Teams with Bye weeks: Detroit Lions, Indianapolis Colts, Miami Dolphins, New England Patriots, New York Giants, Seattle Seahawks


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