Out of Bounds: NFL Week 09 Picks, Game of The Week, Presidential Pigskin

Here we are, Week 09. We have eight more weeks to got until the playoffs and believe me; the next few weeks will be very interesting. Every year, when the NFL passes the halfway mark of the season, I think of that one verse Jay-Z had in Brooklyn’s Finest:   Time to separate the pros […]

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Here we are, Week 09. We have eight more weeks to got until the playoffs and believe me; the next few weeks will be very interesting. Every year, when the NFL passes the halfway mark of the season, I think of that one verse Jay-Z had in Brooklyn’s Finest:


Time to separate the pros from the consThe platinum from the bronzeThat butter soft s### from that leather on the FonzA S1 diamond from a eye class donA Cham’ Dom’ sipper from a Rosay n####, huh?!Brook-Nam, sippin on …


Now it’s about to get real. It’s time for teams to start padding their leads in their respective conferences and get their minds right for a playoff push. Oh, but be aware, there will be “spoilers”, and trap games, and all types of fun stuff that will take place on the road to the playoffs. However, when you look at it, the way the season has gone thus far, it has been one big set of spoilers and trap games after another. Each week, someone or some game has had some kind of surprise twist to it. So s####### your seat belts because now the real fun begins.


Thursday Throwdown

This Thursday is the season debut of the Thursday Throwdown where look at the Thursday Night Game airing on the NFL Network. The first game on tap will be the Denver Broncos vs. Cleveland Browns on Thursday, November 6 at 8:15pm. So look out for it this Thursday before the game start. If you do not have the NFL Network, you will still be able to see the game on the NFL Network’s website via live stream.

ALLHipHop’s NFL Game of the Week for Week 10


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ALLHipHop’s NFL Game of the Week

Dallas Cowboys (5-3) at New York Giants (6-1)

Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

My Pick: Giants


Both the Giants and the Cowboys won close games last weekend. While the Cowboys’ defense stepped up to beat the Buccaneers in the final minutes of the game last Sunday, the Giants won with a little luck and a solid offensive drive in the final moments of their match-up with the Steelers.


Although the ‘Boys got the win last week, I’m still not impressed. If the Cowboys are the better team, then last week’s game should have been a blowout and should not have gone down to the wire. The consistency of the Giants’ play is what gives them the edge in this game. The Giants are ranked third on both total offense and defense in the league and they are the league leaders in total sacks. Brad Johnson is a statue in the pocket, that’s like serving sacks on a silver platter to the Giant’s defense.


With the Cowboys having a statue in the backfield and a defensive secondary still hurting, I have to roll with the G-Men on this one.


Here are the rest of the games for Week 09 in the NFL.


Sunday, 11/02/08, 1pm games

New York Jets (4-3) at Buffalo Bills (5-2)

Ralph Wilson Stadium, Buffalo, NY

My Pick: Bills


The Bills may have taken some hits from an injury standpoint, but they’re still a solid team on both sides of the ball. The Jets success will depend on which Brett Favre shows up.


If it’s the Brett Favre who played against the Arizona Cardinals, then the Jets have a fighting chance. But, if it’s the Brett Favre who showed up last Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, that won’t work. Despite the win, two TDs and three INTs are not acceptable against the Bills’ defense.


The Jets are sporadic now, and although their record is 4-3, their play on the field just doesn’t convince me that they have it all together.


Detroit Lions (0-7) at Chicago Bears (4-3)

Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

My Pick: Bears


It’s the Lions. They stink. The Bears are the better team all around. No need to get deep with this game, we move on.


Jacksonville Jaguars (3-4) at Cincinnati Bengals (0-8)

Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH

My Pick: Jaguars


Oh brother, we move from one crappy game to another. The only other team in the league worst than the Lions is the Bengals. They stink just as well. Like the Bears, the Jags are the better team all around. It’s time to get our Notorious K.I.M. on (Keep It Moving) and look at the next game.


Baltimore Ravens (4-3) at Cleveland Browns (3-4) 

Cleveland Browns Stadium, Cleveland, OH

My Pick: Ravens


The Cleveland Browns have the 30th ranked offense and 21st ranked defense in the league. The Ravens have the 24th ranked offense in the league, but they have the second best defense in the league.


With the Browns being inconsistent on offense and the Ravens’ defense as dominate as it is, then Ravens have the upper hand in this game.


Green Bay Packers (4-3) at Tennessee Titans (7-0)

LP Field, Nashville, TN

My Pick: Titans


The Packers head into Tennessee after a much needed bye week, while Titans continued their winning ways in their Monday Night match-up against the Colts. Could this be a trap game for the Titans? No, I don’t think so.


The Titans are similar to the Ravens. They don’t have the greatest offense in the league, but their defense picks up the slack. With the fourth best defense in the league and an offense that does just enough to keep them in the game, too bad Packers QB Aaron Rodgers has to add a lost to his contract extension.


This is the Titans’ game to win.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers (5-3) at Kansas City Chiefs (1-6)

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

My Pick: Buccaneers


Both the Bucs and the Chiefs gave away wins to their opponents last weekend and both teams are looking to bounce back this weekend with a win in this game.


The Chiefs are having issues on and off the field while the Bucs hit a bump in the road last weekend. The Bucs are they better squad in this match-up. Both the Bucs’ offense and defense is better and stronger than Kansas City’s.


With the Bucs having a better squad than the Chiefs, you have to go with Tampa Bay in this game.


Arizona Cardinals (4-3) at St. Louis Rams (2-5)

Edward Jones Dome, St. Louis, MO

My Pick: Cardinals


The Cards have the better defense in this game and that’s what gives them the advantage. With Steven Jackson’s status up in the air, there’s only so much Marc Bulger, Jim Haslett and the rest of the Rams’ offense can do.  In addition, the Rams defense is terrible. Things will not bode well for the Rams this weekend.


The Rams offense is not as strong as it once was and that’s why the Cards defense will take it to the Rams this Sunday and get the win.


Houston Texans (3-4) at Minnesota Vikings (3-4)

Metrodome, Minneapolis, MN

My Pick:


The Vikings are coming off a much needed bye week while the Texans are thriving from the beating they gave the Bungles last Sunday.


The Texans are ranked fourth in total offense and 16th in total defense.  The Vikes are ranked 12th in total offense and eighth in total defense. Although the Texans have the better offense from a statistical standpoint, the Vikes are at home and they have the better rushing game with Adrian Peterson in the backfield.  


With the better rushing offense, better defense, and home field advantage, the Vikes are a good pick to win.


4pm games

Miami Dolphins (3-4) at Denver Broncos (4-3)

Invesco Field, Denver, CO

My Pick: Broncos


The Dolphins offense is the ninth overall ranked offense in the league. That’s something we weren’t saying a year ago. The Dolphins have been moving the ball well on offense and their defense isn’t too shabby either.


Like the Vikes, the Broncos are coming off a much-needed bye week as well after the shellacking the Pats gave them two weeks ago. The Broncos may have taken some hits on defense due to the injury bug, but fortunately, for the Broncos, they’re home this weekend and that makes a big difference.


With the Mile High crowd backing their home team, the second best offense in the league, and Mike Shanahan having time to correct the Broncos’ mistakes from two weeks ago; I have to go with the Broncos.


Atlanta Falcons (4-3) at Oakland Raiders (2-5)

McAfee Coliseum, Oakland, CA

My Pick: Falcons


The Raiders offense and defense is ranked 26th overall in the NFL. The Falcons defense is ranked 25th overall, but their offense is ranked 10th overall in the NFL.


That’s your x-factor and that’s why the Falcons will win.


Philadelphia Eagles (4-3) at Seattle Seahawks (2-5)

Qwest Field, Seattle, WA

My Pick: Eagles


The Seahawks got a much needed win last week from the under achieving 49ers. The Eagles won a close but solid game against the aforementioned Falcons.


Although the Seahawks won last week, that’s where it ends. The Seahawks are banged up and with Brian Westbrook back in the lineup and Donovan McNabb playing well, the 12th Man in Seattle is looking at their sixth loss in this game.


Sunday Night Football, 8pm

New England Patriots (5-2) at Indianapolis Colts (3-4)

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN

My Pick: Colts


Finally, we have a Sunday Night Game worth watching. This game is one of the NFL’s most heated rivalries and despite a few changes to these two teams this season, this will still be a good game.


While the Pats are the better team on paper, I have to go with the Colts in this game. The Colts can forget about winning the AFC South Title, that’s a wrap. However, they have a chance at a Wild Card spot. With Joseph Addai and Bob Sanders returning, and with their backs against the wall, I have to take the advice of some of our readers here at OUT OF BOUNDS and not count out Peyton Manning and the Colts just yet.


The Colts may not be the better team on paper, but desperate times, cause desperate men, to take desperate measures. The Colts are desperate right now and the Pats will be the first team to feel that desperation. 


Monday Night Football, 11/03/08, 8:30pm

Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) at Washington Redskins (6-2)

FedEx Field, Landover, MD

My Pick: Steelers


On the eve of the biggest Presidential Election we may see in our lifetime, what better way to kickoff the election, than a live interview, conducted by ESPN’s Chris Berman, between presidential nominees John McCain and Barack Obama during half time of the Monday Night Game.


The odds are against the Steelers in this game. They were beaten up pretty good last week against the Giants and they’re still hurting in the injury department. The good news is that Steelers RB Willie Parker practiced this week, so it looks as though the Steelers may have their running game back. If Parker does play, then the Steelers have a great chance of winning this game.


While the Redskins have been playing solid football this season, the swing state of Pennsylvania will have an impact on Washington one day early.


Teams with Bye weeks: New Orleans Saints, San Diego Chargers, San Francisco 49ers, Carolina Panthers


On a side note:

This Tuesday, it’s time to let your voice be heard. So get up, get out, and vote. If you want change, now is your time to do something. GET OUT AND VOTE!


I’m Hot Rod! The Rowdy One, and I approve this message