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Week 11 started with Brett Favre being Brett Favre. The Jets showed a lot of heart in their overtime win against the Patriots and Favre reminded us why he’s always in the argument for top five, dead or alive, when it comes to the “Greatest  QB” moniker.  What’s in store for this weekend, who knows? […]

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Week 11 started with Brett Favre being Brett Favre. The Jets showed a lot of heart in their overtime win against the Patriots and Favre reminded us why he’s always in the argument for top five, dead or alive, when it comes to the “Greatest  QB” moniker.

 What’s in store for this weekend, who knows? What I do know is that things are beginning to tight for the playoff push, and some changes are in store not just for OUT OF BOUNDS, but your boy Hot Rod as well.  So without further ado, let’s get into the games.

ALLHipHop’s NFL Game of the Week for Week 12

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ALLHipHop’s NFL Game of the Week

Sunday Night Football, 8pm

Dallas Cowboys (5-4) at Washington Redskins (6-3)

FedEx Field, Landover, MD

My Pick: Cowboys


As well as the Redskins played against the Cowboys back in Week 4, the Cowboys are back and healthy. This game is gonna be a blood bath. The clock is ticking on the season and the Cowboys know that time is not on their side if they’re trying to make a push for the playoffs.


With Tony Romo scheduled to comeback for this weekend’s game, the Cowboys have some mobility in the pocket. Romo will make plays for the Cowboys with his feet when the offense breaks down. In addition, if the Cowboys can get some defensive pressure on the QB, they can definitely walk away with the win. That means the entire defensive line, not just LB DeMarcus Ware.


Although the Redskins have been running the ball well, they will go as far as QB Jason Campbell and head coach, Jim Zorn will take them. With RB Clinton Portis most likely out for this match-up, the offense rides on Campbell’s shoulders. I don’t think he’s ready for such a task in such a big game.


With Romo and CB Terrance Newman returning to the line-up, the Cowboys will return to their winning form and get the victory.


Here’s a look at the rest of Week 11 in the NFL:


Sunday, 11/16/08, 1pm games

Denver Broncos (5-4) at Atlanta Falcons (6-3)

Georgia Dome, Atlanta, GA

My Pick: Atlanta


Both teams are in the top ten offensively and both teams are in the bottom ten defensively. So why did I pick the Falcons? The Falcons can run the ball and the Broncos have no rush defense. The Falcons have a better mix of run and pass on offense and the Broncos’ defense has been underachieving.


With the Falcons’ offense, clicking like it has been for the past, look for them to keep the rhythm and get the win against the Broncos.    


Philadelphia Eagles (5-4) at Cincinnati Bengals (1-8)

Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati, OH

My Pick: Eagles


Sure, the Eagles gave away a win last week against the Giants, but all is lost not.  See, there’s a light at the end of the tunnel and it’s wearing the colors of the Bengals.


The Eagles are the better team in this match-up, and as always, the theme for the Bungles in this column is “the Bungles stink”. Chalk this one up as a victory for the Eagles


Chicago Bears (5-4) at Green Bay Packers (4-5)

Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI

My Pick: Chicago                 


The Bears have the better offense and defense in this game. They also have the better rushing offense with young Matt Forte leading the charge. The Packers are going through a bit of a slide winning two of their last five games.


Whether or not Kyle Orton will play is still up in the air, but with the better defense and the solid rushing attack, the Bears are the team to roll with in this game.


Houston Texans (3-6) at Indianapolis Colts (5-4)

Lucas Oil Stadium, Indianapolis, IN

My Pick: Colts                      


Do you remember what I said about the Colts two weeks ago when they played the Patriots in the Sunday Night Game?


Well desperation is still in the air for the Colts.  They have a good chance of getting a Wild Card spot in the playoffs. Thankfully, for the Colts, they have the Texans this weekend.


The Colts have the better offense in this game. Although the Texans have a hard-hitting defense, the Colts’ offense is clicking and their veteran knowledge will help the Colts get the season sweep on the young Texans.


New Orleans Saints (4-5) at Kansas City Chiefs (1-8)

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO

My Pick: Saints


With the return of RB Larry Johnson to the Chiefs’ offense this Sunday, don’t look for anything spectacular to happen for the Chiefs’ offense. It’s still the same stale offense, and on the other side of the ball, the same stale defense.


The Saints’ offense is explosive. They can have your head on a swivel with the weapons they have on the offensive side of the ball. With the league’s fourth best passer in Drew Brees and the leagues’ best passing offense, the Saints have this game. 


Oakland Raiders (2-7) at Miami Dolphins (5-4)

Dolphin Stadium, Miami, FL

My Pick: Dolphins


The Dolphins offense is clicking right now and fortunately, for them, they square off against a terrible Raiders’ squad. I have to roll with the Dolphins in this game with their wildcat offense and better defense.


Baltimore Ravens (6-3) at New York Giants (8-1)

Giants Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ

My Pick: Giants       


As good as the Ravens have been playing lately, the Giants are better. The Giants are carrying the same swagger that got them to the Super Bowl last season and they are finding ways to win this season, even when they’re down.


The Ravens’ defense is good, but their offense can’t go toe-to-toe with this Giants’ defense. Vengeance for Super Bowl XXXV will belong to the G-Men this Sunday.


Minnesota Vikings (5-4) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (6-3)

Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL

My Pick: Buccaneers


Although the Vikes look to be the better team on paper because of their rushing attack, the veteran experience of the Bucs will keep Tampa in this game. It also helps the Vikes are one dimensional with only a solid rushing game on offense. 


With the Vikes one-sided offense going head-to-head with the Bucs veteran defense, I’m going to take my chances with the Bucs.


Detroit Lions (0-9) at Carolina Panthers (7-2)

Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, NC

My Pick: Panthers


I’m not even going to go any further with this game. Like the Automotive Industry, the Lions’ season needs a bailout as well.  Too bad it won’t be against the Panthers.


In the “National Geographic Battle”, the Panther is stronger than the Lion in this match-up.


Tennessee Titans (9-0) at Jacksonville Jaguars (4-5)

Jacksonville Stadium, Jacksonville, FL

My Pick: Titans


While the Jags have lost three of their last four games, the Titans are still undefeated.  You do the math. Like the Giants, the Titans find ways to win games. They do just enough to stay in the game and the Titans defense will get you on the first mistake you make.


The Jags have been underachieving all season long.  One week they look like the Jags of last season, another week, they look like an expansion team. Inconsistencies are what’s killing the Jags, and the Titans love inconsistencies. For the safe bet, Tennessee is the way to go.  


4pm Games

St. Louis Rams (2-7) at San Francisco 49ers (2-7)

Candlestick Park, San Francisco, CA

My Pick: 49ers


Although the 49ers had a major brain fart last Monday, they played some solid football for three and ¾ of a game. Now, it’s time to correct that mental mistake. Fortunately, for the 49ers, RB Steven Jackson is out for the Rams.


QB Shaun Hill is a breath of fresh air for the 49ers offense and the defense actually showed up to play.  This is the 49ers’ game to lose.


With the better defense, and an offense that can finally move the ball, I’m going with my 49ers in this one.


Arizona Cardinals (6-3) at Seattle Seahawks (2-7)

Qwest Field, Seattle, WA

My Pick: Cardinals


While the Cards played solid defense during my 49ers brain fart in last Monday’s game, they still showed how explosive their offense could be. This week, the Cards defense gets a crack at the returning Matt Hasselbeck for the Seahawks. Truthfully, it doesn’t matter; the Cards are still the better team.


The Seahawks defense isn’t what it once was and with the Cards having the better offense, look for the Cards to extend their lead in the NFC West with a win this Sunday in Seattle.


San Diego Chargers (4-5) at Pittsburgh Steelers (6-3)

Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA

My Pick: Steelers


Like the Jags, the Chargers also suffer from inconsistencies. Their offense and defense can be on point one week, and the next week they look like they forgot how to play football.


The good thing for the Chargers is that the AFC West is weak and they have an opportunity to gain some ground in their division depending if the cards for in their favor. Let’s not forget, the Chargers were struggling around this time last year. They still won the division and missed the Super Bowl by one game, so anything is possible.


The Steelers are still suffering from injury, but they have the better defense against this inconsistent Chargers offense. There’s still hope for the Chargers, just not in this game.


Monday Night Football, 11/17/08, 8:30pm

Cleveland Browns (3-6) at Buffalo Bills (5-4)

Ralph Wilson Stadium, Buffalo, NY

My Pick: Bills


The last time the Bills had a Monday Night Game, they gave the Cowboys a run for their money and gave the fans one of the best games of the season last year. The last time the Browns had a Monday Night Game, the Browns gave it to Giants in one of the biggest trap games of the season.


This is the Bills games to lose.  They have the better offense and their starting QB has more experience on the field than the Browns current starting QB. Both teams can run the ball, but the Bills youth at running back trumps the Browns veteran experience at the same position. In addition, the Browns offense has made too many mental mistakes and that’s the perfect opening, for the Bills defense.


With the mental mistakes and inexperience on the offensive side of the ball for the Browns, the Bills have the edge in this match-up. 


On a personal note:

This is my probably my last write-up for ALLHipHop.com for the remainder of the season.


With a number of things happening in my life on a professional and personal level, I won’t be able to put forth the kind of product that you all have been accustomed too. So instead of me half-assing it, I would much rather stop doing it all together for the site with the hopes that someone else comes along and finish what we started here.


Now, just because I won’t be in the sports section, doesn’t mean I won’t be around. The Out of Bounds blog will still be up and running and I’ll still have the chat rooms open.  In addition, you’ll see me in the Cheap Seats in the Ill Community from time to time.  So I won’t be writing as much, but I’ll still be around.


I have a friend who told me three things:


Prioritize your life

Marriage >Football (The jury is still out on that one, but I’ll use it to prove my point any way)

Writing stops being fun, once it becomes work.


It’s time for me to get a handle on things. Therefore, it’s fitting that I walk away on a Sunday in the middle of the season, the same way I started this on a Sunday in the middle of the season.


I do want to thank Odeisel and the rest of the ALLHipHop staff that I’ve met within the last year. You all have been mad cool and taught me many things that I didn’t know about professional writing, thank you once again.


I’m out like Bush in 2009. So until we meet again, Good luck and Godspeed. 


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