Out of Bounds: Week 07 Picks, Game of the Week, No Cowboys Edition

The big news from the NFL last week was the Dallas Cowboys. Whether it was Pacman’s suspension, Romo’s pinkie, or the trade for WR Roy E. Williams, the great state of Texas was the big ticket on all of the news channels. The NFL became the CFL, Cowboy Football League, last week and I’ve had […]

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The big news from the NFL last week was the Dallas Cowboys. Whether

it was Pacman’s suspension,

Romo’s pinkie,

or the trade for WR

Roy E. Williams, the great state of Texas was the big ticket on all of the news

channels. The NFL became the CFL, Cowboy Football League, last

week and I’ve had my fill of Cowboys’ news. So let’s get into the games because

last I checked, there are 31 other teams in the league who deserve our

attention as well. 


Game of the Week for Week 08Poll Answers


Game of the Week

The results from last week’s poll

stated that none of the games for this week was in consideration for the

dubious honor for AHH’s Game of the Week.  There has to be a decision and since this is

my column, I can do whatever I want. Ha, put that in your bong and smoke it.

Therefore, the AHH’s Game of the Week,

decreed by yours truly is…


Sunday, 10/19/08, 1pm games

San Francisco 49ers

(2-4) at New York Giants (4-1)


Stadium, East Rutherford, NJ


Webster’s defines a journalist as:



a: a person engaged in journalism

; especially : a writer or editor for a news medium b: a writer who aims at a mass audience


2: a person who keeps a journal


This week I’m not a journalist, I’m

a fan. I bleed crimson and gold, I ‘m part of the faithful, and I rep my



Yeah, I know that the G-Men have the best offense in the

league and their defense is ranked 6th overall. I know my 49ers are

19th in offense and 26th in defense overall. I know the

Giants should win this game, but then again, we thought

Giants were going to beat the Browns in the Monday Night Game. How

did that work out for Eli and the gang?


Many of you who have been following the NFL for some time

can remember the days when this used to be a heated rivalry, so you can see why

I’m a little biased in my pick. The Giants are the better team in this

match-up, no doubt about it, but if the 49ers can find a way to move the ball

on offense like the Browns did on Monday night and avoid mental mistakes, they

have a good chance at beating the Giants.


Oh, if you think I’m popping off now, wait until Week 12

when the 49ers faceoff against the Dallas Cow Pies… I

meant Dallas Cowgirls…I

meant Dallas Cowboys. Sorry, I got a little



My Pick: 49ers;

although I know the Giants are the better team and will probably win.


Here are the rest of the games for Week 07 in the NFL.


Sunday, 10/19/08, 1pm games

San Diego Chargers

(3-3) at Buffalo Bills (4-1)

Ralph Wilson

Stadium, Buffalo, NY


When we last saw the Bills, the Arizona Cardinals were

beating the

living daylights out of them. 

When we last saw the Chargers, their offense was reminiscent of the

2007-08 New England Patriots’ offense as they

too, were in a “beat the

living daylights” kind of mood against the Patriots last Sunday.


Although the Bills are playing solid football, the Chargers’

offense is “charged up” and ready to keep piling up the points. Look for the

Chargers to continue the offensive onslaught they displayed last Sunday and

hand the Bills their first loss at home.


My Pick: Chargers


Minnesota Vikings

(3-3) at Chicago Bears (3-3)

Soldier Field,

Chicago, IL


Too bad, I won’t see any of this game on T.V. This game is a

throwback from the old Black and Blue Division.

This is going to be a hard-hitting game. 

Believe it.


The Bears’ offense is ranked 13th in the league

while their defense is ranked 12th overall.  The Vikings defense is ranked seventh in the

league while their offense is ranked 15th. This is easily one of the

hardest games to pick a winner for, but I ‘m going with the Vikings in this

game because of Vikes RB Adrian Peterson.

The last time the Vikes played the Bears at Soldier Field,

Peterson ran for 224 yards and three TDs in that game.

He’s the x-factor in this game.


Although the Bears defense has improved from last year, it

won’t be enough to stop Peterson and the Vikings’ offense.


My Pick: Vikings


Pittsburgh Steelers

(4-1) at Cincinnati Bengals


Paul Brown

Stadium, Cincinnati, OH


Even with injuries, the Steelers are better than the 0-6 Bungles.

The Bengals stink. There’s no need to go any further with this game.


My Pick: Steelers


Tennessee Titans (5-0)

at Kansas City Chiefs (1-4)

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City, MO


The Titans are the only undefeated team in the league and they

will stay undefeated after this game. The Chiefs are in the stages of

rebuilding and with RB Larry Johnson out of

this game for disciplinary

reasons; this game is another bump in the road, towards the end

of the season.


Look for the Titans defense to be too much for the Chiefs’

offense to handle as they head into Week 08 still undefeated.


My Pick: Titans


Dallas Cowboys (4-2)

at St. Louis Rams (1-4)

Edward Jones

Dome, St. Louis, MO


When your childhood hero calls you and encourages you to do

something, you attempt to either do it or “just do it” like Nike. When word of Romo’s

fractured pinkie finger hit the media outlets, Romo received a phone call

from New York Jets QB Brett Favre,

who encouraged Romo to play through the pain. 


Now reports are circulating that Romo wants to play in this

Sunday’s game against the Rams. While I commend your drive and willing to play

injured, sit this one out Romo and let Brad Johnson



This is an easy win for the Cowboys. If you want to play so

bad, take a break Romo and rest up for next week’s match-up against the Tampa Bay

Buccaneers. That game is more important than this one.


My Pick: Cowboys


Baltimore Ravens (2-3)

at Miami

Dolphins (2-3)

Dolphin Stadium, Miami, FL


Last week was rough for both the Ravens and the Dolphins.

While the Dolphins lost their

game in the final seconds, the Ravens lost their

game, the second they touched the field. Therefore, look for

both of these teams to come into this Sunday’s game with a chip on their



The Ravens defense is good, but the Dolphins offense has

been consistent. They’re making big plays on the offensive side of the ball. After

the way the Ravens were punched in the mouth on the defensive side of the ball,

look for the Dolphins’ to attack the Ravens’ defense from every angle and ride

into the Florida sunset with a win.


My Pick: Dolphins


New Orleans Saints

(3-3) at Carolina Panthers


Bank of

America Stadium, Charlotte, NC 


The Saints have the best offense in the league. Drew Brees

is on pace to have a record setting season for passing yards and Reggie Bush

leads the league in TDs. The Panthers’ defense is ranked third in the NFL and

their offense is ranked 16th. 


While the Panthers have the home field advantage and Delhomme/Smith

connection is clicking again, the Saints’ offense is on fire and it looks to be

too much for the Panthers’ defense to handle this Sunday.


My Pick: Saints


4pm games

Detroit Lions (0-5)

at Houston Texans (1-4)

Reliant Stadium, Houston, TX


Like the Bengals, the Lions are terrible as well. Although

they received some great draft picks for this year’s draft when they traded WR Roy E.

Williams to the Cowboys, they still have to finish this season.


The Texans are ranked fifth in total offense 23rd

in total defense.  That’s better than the

Lions who are ranked last in total defense and 30th in total



The Texans are the safe bet for this game


My Pick: Texans


New York Jets (3-2)

at Oakland Raiders (1-4)


Coliseum, Oakland, CA


The J-E-T-S, Jets,

Jets, Jets are on a roll. The Jets, who won two games in a row, will make their

way to the Black Hole

to face off against their old AFL rivals, the Oakland Raiders.


The Jets defense is

ranked 22nd in the NFL.  Right

behind the Jets is the Raiders’ defense, ranked at 23rd.  However, the Raiders offense is ranked 24th

in the NFL while the Jets offense is ranked 11th. The Jets have the

better offense is this match-up, which gives them the edge and the win.


My Pick: Jets


Indianapolis Colts

(3-2) at Green Bay Packers (3-3)

Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI


While the Colts’ offense came to life last week in the

passing game, the Packers have lost three of their last four games and their

defense is looking shaky. 


The safe bet for this game is the Colts. Their passing game

murdered the Ravens last week and with the Packers’ secondary still hurting;

Lambeau Field will look like Peyton’s Place at the end of the day. 


My Pick: Colts


Cleveland Browns (2-3)

at Washington Redskins (4-2)

FedEx Field,

Landover, MD


Just because the Browns gave it to the Giants on MNF, it

doesn’t mean they have a new lease on life. Calm down

Braylon Edwards, you still have the

rest of the season to play and your Browns are still a little suspect. 


Look, the Redskins were caught off guard

last week, it won’t happen a second time this weekend. I didn’t have any faith

in the Redskins at the start of the season, but sitting with a 4-2 record in the

NFL’s strongest division; these dudes are ready to rock. With the eighth best

defense and seventh best offense in the league, the Redskins should walk away

with the win.


My Pick: Redskins


Sunday Night Football, 8pm

Seattle Seahawks (1-4)

at Tampa Bay Buccaneers (4-2)

Raymond James

Stadium, Tampa, FL


I know the executives for NBC are shaking their heads in

disgust. Practically every match-up for Sunday Night Football has been

terrible. Either the games have been blowouts, or extremely boring. Thank God,

I have picture in picture and new episodes of True Blood and Entourage to watch

on Sunday Night.


The Bucs should win this game. The Seahawks are hurting with

injuries and struggling bad on the field. It was evident in their match-up

against Packers that the Seahawks and their 12th man are in store

for a long season this year.  This was

not the “swan song” Mike Holmgren

was hoping for in his final year as Seahawks’ head coach.


My Pick: Buccaneers


Monday Night Football, 10/20/08, 8:30pm

Denver Broncos (4-2)

at New England Patriots (3-2)

Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA


The Pats looked terrible last Sunday Night.  The offense looked unorganized and the

defense looked old.  The Pats defense

made Philip Rivers

look like Dan Fouts.


Denver’s defense is ranked 32nd in the league,

but their offense is ranked fourth overall. The Broncos are second in the

league in passing offense and the passing game killed the Patriots last Sunday

and will kill them again in this game.


As long as Jay Cutler

keeps slinging the ball all over the field and wears down the Pats’ defense.

The Broncos will walk out of Foxboro with the win.


My Pick: Denver


Teams with Bye weeks:

Atlanta Falcons, Philadelphia

Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville



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