Peep Game: Madden 09! Free Wii? NCAA 09! 360 Official Price Drops!

Welcome back! Peep Game is here to deliver a healthy dose of gaming news. We have entered the month of August, which means nothing but football! Both NCAA and Madden get time from us this week.   For those who have still yet to jump into the next-gen, or are avoiding the Xbox 360, price […]

Welcome back! Peep Game is here to deliver a healthy dose of gaming news. We have entered the month of

August, which means nothing but football! Both NCAA and Madden get time from

us this week.


For those who have still yet to jump into the

next-gen, or are avoiding the Xbox 360, price drops are on the horizon. Your

favorite RPG publisher, Square Enix, has some interesting news, and  Soul

Caliber IV

brings you a little political humor.


Big News


Sign Up, Get



Comcast and Nintendo are now doing a deal that

gets you a Nintendo Wii. You have to sign up for their two-year “Triple Play”

deal. That’s cable, internet and VOIP – and a free Wii is kicked in. If you

just moved into that new apartment, this may be a deal you want to jump on.


New Wii System



Speaking of Wii, there is an upgrade in the works.

That is obvious after its full success. According to Nintendo Wii Fanboy,

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata stated that they were “already working on

the Wii’s successor.” With their market dominance, one can only hope they

take more chances with the next machine, and maybe bring solid innovation along

with technological savvy.



360 Gears Up for Price Drop


The Microsoft system, the Xbox 360, is about to go

to the way of the price drop. The Arcade Units are dropping to $199, Pro units

$299, Elite units $399. This drops the systems most basic unit under the Wii’s

250, making it the newest, cheapest system for gamers. This should increase

sales into the holiday season, but I doubt the market’s competitors will let

that happen without recourse.


The 60 GB Pro units are also due to ship out

sometime this week, although some retailers already have their systems and are

selling them now. For those who are about to go out and buy, it may just be

best to wait it out a few weeks.


Life Hits PS3


Sony’s weather service has now hit the PSN. Those

who want to get news and weather from around the globe, simply access it, and

watch the clouds go by. This is basically a much more detailed version of Wii



McCain Vs Obama!

Fight – Soul Caliber IV


A columnist from PC World was “a little bored” and came up with this gem. Just watch the video…I doubt I could explain it.


Eternity’s Child – Available on Steam


This is a rather interesting independent

platformer. Those who like to try something new, peep the trailer. It’s sharp,

bright, and just looks fun. It’s available on Valve’s Steam service for 4.99,

which isn’t a bad transaction if you’re looking for something to entertain you

for cheap. It rolls out with a level editor for the most creative out of all of

us. The game will also be available for the Nintendo Wii at a later date.


Burnout Paradise – Davis Update



Paradise is certainly a fun game for anyone who likes making stars and

crashing cars, and now it comes with another update. In a rarity these days,

this DLC is available for free. It comes with Motorcycles, Day/Night cycles,

new Single Player, and Multi Player challenges. No word when this one drops,

but we will definitely keep you updated.


Square Enix

Makes Moves


Square Enix has created a casual gaming company,

called Pure Dreams, will be delivering DS titles in Japan. Their first two

titles seem to be working on games to help you choose wine, and games of that

nature. There is nothing too heavy for gamers, but it’s Japan only, where they

are used to these types of titles.


For the gamers however, Final Fantasy XIII: Agito and a Parasite Eve sequel are coming to the Playstation Portable. Both gamer were formerly listed as mobile phone only games and these titles should give Square Enix some more push on Portables besides their standard Final Fantasy (insert number here) port.


Final Fantasy VII Advent Children is coming out with an HD, Blu-ray version. Along with the disc come videos of the aforementioned Agito and Final Fantasy XIII: Versus, as well as a Final Fantasy XIII demo. Not a bad deal, especially for Final Fantasy VII lovers.


Trailers – Midnight Club III and Sonic Unleashed: The Dark Brotherhood


Rockstar’s racer is back, and they decided to

bless us with a second trailer. In addition, the game’s website has been opened, so if you’re interested in more visual and audio treats, take

a visit.

Sonic RPG? Eh, an oxymoron at best and a travesty

at worst. This trailer doesn’t ask many questions. As a matter of fact, the

only thing it answers is who is from BioWare, and what they have made in the

past. Oddly enough, it’s the reason why I think it can work. 

Pay to

Play? Madden ‘09


For those who don’t know, Madden’s demo came out on Xbox Live Friday, August 1. Early reports from The Gamer Studio staff and others seem to say this feels like a brand new Madden. However, 7-11, your Slurpee and late night snack headquarters, is charging $5.99 for a combo meal that comes with the demo. 


Now, if you don’t feel like downloading the demo,

and feel like you have the need to cop that meal, it may not be a bad deal. It

also features some footage from NFL films such as The Quarterbacks, Moment of Impact, The NFL’s Greatest Follies: Volume 3, Just One Play, and even Chuck NBC. Can’t call that last one.



NCAA Football 09 (EA Sports)

Platform: Playstation 3 | Playstation 2 |

Playstation Portable | Wii | Xbox 360 |

Release Date: July 15, 2008


It’s that time again. The grass is cut, cleat

sales have jumped 1000% and it is just hot enough for coaches to see which

players have the heart to stay through two-a-days. For those who never had the

opportunity, or never wanted to go through the sacrifices needed to make a

football squad, now is also the time that the latest iterations of the Gridiron

classic arrives on electronic devices. Saturday warriors can do battle on NCAA, and this title may just make that

couch seem extra comfortable.



is nearly flawless in its execution. Games are fun, rivalries intense, dynasties are full of drama, and Campus Legend is very self involved. The best of this game can be found online, where clips are uploaded from players favorite plays, games can be played for personal glory, and Dynasty mode is used for fun and long battles of pride.


From its sweeping presentation, the full featured

game mode, and just the amount of fun this game presents, it’s just an experience that is not to be forgotten, especially for the football fan. Go out and get this one.



Madden 09 (EA Sports)

Platform: Nintendo DS | Playstation 3 |

Playstation 2 | Playstation Portable | Wii | Xbox 360 | Xbox

Release Date: August 12, 2008


There isn’t too much that could be said about this

game that will make people turn away. Maddenites will buy it even if all

forecasts were terrible, and a national disaster was due to strike on the 12th.

The smart money would be put on (word to Jeezy) that the lines to your

local game store would still be packed and overflowing.


However, Madden 09 seems like it may be the first

full-fledged gaming experience for the Next-Gen.  The gameplay elements seem to be fixed, gang tackling exists, and the game is now much faster and more polished than its previous iterations. The new Madden IQ system is the first attempted at gauging skill besides merciless whippings from your friends.


Take a look at the trailer and peep the demo now

available from your favorite download service. You can be sure we will have a

full review and more introspection from the game as time continues.


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