Peep Game: Xbox Drop Hits Target! Mirror’s Edge Best of ’08? Rock Band 2 Gets Real; Soul Calibur IV Updates

  E3 is next week, so be on the lookout for a complete Peep Game dedicated to the news extravaganza and conference. This isn’t to say that this week isn’t exciting.   With news reports on sleeper Mirror’s Edge, a karaoke game called Lips, Rock Band 2 and a couple of trailers featuring everyone’s favorite […]


E3 is next week, so be on the lookout for a complete Peep

Game dedicated to the news extravaganza and conference. This isn’t to say that

this week isn’t exciting.


With news reports on sleeper Mirror’s Edge, a karaoke game called Lips, Rock Band 2 and a

couple of trailers featuring everyone’s favorite hedgehog and psychologically

deranged cop, and there is a little something for everybody.


Past that, there is a special Played and Pre-Order focusing

on Soul Calibur IV.


For our weekly readers, you can tell how much we are

anticipating this based on just the amount we report on it, (shout out to the

IC’s Jenetix…looking for that rematch), and the fact that the first

frenzied video from Gamer’s Studio was a crazy matchup of Soul Calibur III.


Interested? We’re keeping that footage for the Peep Game special. For now, you have plenty to read. Let’s get to it.


Big News


Mirror’s Edge – Game of the Year Candidate?


To be honest, I have been a fan of this game since getting

wind of it last year. It seems to be a genre shattering experience in the

making. The lead character is a journalist named Faith, whose main weapons are

her agility and knowledge of the backstreets.


Now with actual play tests and visuals coming in, the game

looks just as advertised. More news is assured to be coming out about it during

E3, but if you have been sleeping, here is a trailer:


Xbox 360 Price Cut


It’s all but official. Target is now listing the XBOX 360 Pro units at $299, which is

dangerously close to the Nintendo Wii

industry low $250. Just in time for E3, and the likely slew of first party

games that will be announced (Gears of

War 2) and preannounced ( Fable 2,

Too Human ) to garner some excitement.


Lips The 360 Karaoke



Microsoft is trying to cash in on the ever-so-popular

musical recreation genre with their new karaoke game, Lips. Sounds farfetched, but it’s actually a real game, already in

production. Your goal is to mimic some of your favorite songs, much like a

karaoke night, minus the binge drinking.


Coming with it is a wireless mic that has glowing LED’s to

measure your progress. Not much is known at this point; expect more news to

come out during E3.


Rock Band 2 – Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing, Baby!


Rock Band is an

experience no doubt. Getting your friends and mashing on the controllers on

expert can make you feel like bona fied rock stars. But, what if the

instruments were real? According to PS3 Fanboy, that is what Rock Band 2 Developer Harmonix &

Instrument “Developer” Ion will be releasing – a drum kit that will have pads

and cymbals. Not just that, there is word that Harmonix may be working on

getting some actual guitars and turning them into controllers for the games.



It isn’t all gravy though. There is a lawsuit pending

against Harmonix from Konami because they are “simulating musical instruments.”

This may not be as frivolous, as main competitor Activision actually went to

Konami and got the licensing to avoid this. More on this as it develops.


Playstation 3

Changes? According to Wal-Mart…


According to Wal-Mart and Engadget, they are going to stop

stocking the Playstation 3 40 GB’s for something new. I don’t believe this

means the end of the 40 GB, more so news that will be confirmed at E3 – that

all Playstation 3 models will be attached with the DualShock3, instead of the three-ounce-soaking-wet



Wii Keyboard – Logic



For those who don’t like simply hooking up your USB keyboard

to your Wii, Logic 3 has a solution for you. It’s an small add-on that will

seem really convenient if your stuck on your Smartphone (journalists/ business professionals…you’d

already feel at home here) as it uses its design, and its size to add on to

your Nintendo Wii. Problem is, it comes out across the pond in the UK. The price

point is £14.99, or about 30 duckets American.


Trailers! Max Payne and Sonic Unleashed


Max Payne, Rockstar’s

other other franchise, has a decent cult following. Because of it, it will be

the first franchise from Take Two’s savior to get a movie. Quite deserving of

it, its neo-noir feel provides for quite the captivating story, starring

rapper-turned-actor Mark Wahlberg. Slated to hit theaters October 8, this may

be one to watch:


Sonic Unleashed is

the next game to try to break from the shadow of the last great Sonic

adventure…aptly named Sonic Adventure.

People were excited to see that it took Sonic back to his roots, blurring speed

and breathtaking acrobatics. Hopefully it won’t come with the slowdown and awkward

camera angles that seem to plague the series over the last few years.


Algol Joins Soul Calibur IV Roster


Whispers of this appearance are now confirmed. Character

designer Hideo Yoshie said, “He was the strongest character ever in the SC

series.” He processes the Soul Edge and the Soul Calibur, wielding them both at

once. He also has 10 other weapons built into him and can fly. The only thing I

can say is, the bigger they are the harder they fall. Ha!





Platform: PSX

Developer: Namco

Originally Released: November 17,



“A battle of soul and swords…” It’s opening statement that

breeds intrigue. What most people didn’t know then, but know now, is that it

would be opening phrase for a series that had captivated the fighting game

genre and would still be held relevant six games in the series.


Everything must start with a first step, and SoulBlade may have been a leap. It

brought over the concept of weapons based fighting, something that had been

relatively rare this side of the Pacific, with characters who were quite

endearing. It introduced us to Mitsurugi, Voldo, Taki, Siegfried and the crew,

and was just a very solid fighter, that had a wide variety of playing styles

and some balance.


For those looking for a trip back, this one may be one you

have to dig for. Its very rare for a store to carry around PSX games anymore,

which means rolling the dice on Ebay or hoping a friend has it stashed

somewhere in the back of his game room. If you do have it stashed, take a

moment and revisit this one. Who knows? You just may find yourself having some


Pre- Order


Soul Calibur IV

Platform: PS3, Xbox 360

Developer: Project Soul

Release Date: July 25, 2008


Soul Caliber IV,

the aforementioned sixth game of that series of soul and swords. With each

piece of news coming in about this title, it begins to get that much more

anticipated. Surely to bring even more fire to the doors of E3 this year, Soul

Calibur IV may be in a class above with another miscounted IV game (Street Fighter IV) in a year that will

bring us a ton of fighting games.


If you don’t read this column usually, here is some visual

treats that will be sure to get you on the Soul Calibur bandwagon like we are.

A Peep Game special is forthcoming about the franchise, which will chronicle

its beginnings with Soul Blade, and bring those who haven’t played it up to

speed on just how great this series is. For now though, just enjoy the trailer.