SICK SUNDAYS: Clipse Re-Up, Dre Goes Deep Cover, Greta Gains, Meek Millz & More

Back at it again!  This edition of Sick Sundays is packed with the New and the old, and we pay homage to the Dream Team, shout out a couple pending releases.  Lotta stuff to get to, so let’s just get it.  Special shout to the cats at Str8hiphop for the Raekwon and UGK joints.   […]

Back at it again!  This edition of Sick Sundays is packed with the New and the old, and we pay homage to the Dream Team, shout out a couple pending releases. 

Lotta stuff to get to, so let’s just get it.  Special shout to the cats at Str8hiphop for the Raekwon and UGK joints.


My Lifes The S### – The Clipse Present Re-Up Gang

Re-Up Gang “My Life’s The S###”-Clipse Presents The Re-Up Gang

Back serving customers with that heat, the Re-up Gang returns with a sizzler. Heavy, Dre-Lite beat goes hard and the gang trades hardore street verses. The strings and the keys push the melancholy mood between verses for the perfect segueway. Rugged.



The DJ – Dj Revolution

DJ Revolution Feat. KRS-1 “The DJ”

This new millennium sequel to classic KRS-1 song, “The MC” comes courtesy of DJ Revolution.  Ad-libs come courtesy of Preemo, and KRS comes with the force that has maintained his legacy throughout the years, chastising the lazy iPod generation of DJ’s who pander and don’t lead the culture He even drops his version of the 10 DJ Commandments.  The beat is fairly similar to the original with a more orchestral update.  This spirit lives on in this boom-bap banger.



Get This Paper – Busta Rhymes Feat. Jadakiss

Busta Rhymes Feat. Jadakiss “Get This Paper”

Man, I don’t know how many bangers Busta Rhymes is going to have to put out to get some buzz and momentum, but he’s been on fire lately.  This latest joint is homage to the slept on OC/Big L tag team joint “Making Money” off OC’s album Jewelz. Both emcees flip the phrases and Busta comes with his ill flows. “Gass guzzler flow, not the hybrid.” Jada is sick, if not limited to the punch line delivery. Short and sweet.



Son 4 A Reason – Lil Dap Feat. Guru

Lil Dap Feat. Guru “Son 4 A Reason”

This joint is a throwback to those early 90s Group Home/Gangstarr joints.  No new ground covered here, but it’s good to hear Guru again after a long hiatus.  Dap is nothing special on the mic, but as fans of Living Proof can attest, that never stopped him from making solid songs. Now if we can only get Guru back with Preemo…



Hard As Hell – Akon & UGK

Akon & UGK “Hard As Hell”

Akon on the hook and a full UGK roster is certified.  Don’t be fooled by the title though.  It’s not about gat blasts, but phat ass.  Not really my speed but it’s good to hear the late great Pimp C.  Bun throws out a few shouts to Nice & Smooth in his rhymes.  I can see cats liking this.  Akon’s hook is a mix between R. Kelly foolishness and that “Too Close” joint from Next a few years ago. Decide for yourselves.



Blood Missles – Raekwon

Raekwon “Blood Missiles”

A tune up for the long awaited part deaux to the Purple Tape, the Chef drops a tender morsel to keep your mouth watered.  The slang doctor keep you guessing with off the wall language you expect from Rae, but with no Ghost or Wu riding shotgun this track is actually more beat than rhyme in terms of length.  Juuust enough to make you want more. Somebody get this album out before it becomes anti-climactic.



What it is – Nas

Nas “What It Is”

Nas is running at such a high level right now that even the throwaways from Untitled are blowing other joints out of the water.  Not really tight enough of a narrative or in form to make the album, but it’s still a solid mixtape anchor.  “The 5th member of the Beatles, 10th member of the Wutang lets his nuts hang” on this banger. Solid beat, not timeless but not a sleeper either. Can’t lose with this



Emotionless – The Clipse Present Re-Up Gang

Re-Up Gang “Emotionless”-Clipse Present The Re-Up Gang

Pusha T waxes poetic on the mishaps from their last critically acclaimed, sales anemic album, proclaiming their real fans in the streets as the real reason why they do this.  Ab Liver goes in hard establishing his status as one of the better lyricists in this game over this organ driven heater. Sandman also shines.  This song is very dark in tone and also similar is spirit musically to those late 90s/Chronic 2001 Dre tracks.  More narrative lyrically. Malice bats cleanup.



Puffin On Blunts And Drankin Tanqueray – Dr Dre ft Lady Of Rage and Dogg Pound

Dogg Pound “Puffin Blunts & Drankin Tanqueray”

This white label was really the Pound at it’s most lethal.  Non formulaic, no aim, just in the studio creating timeless joints.  This one in particular features a tipsy tirade by Dr. Dre shouting all his enemies and a total eruption by both the Lady of Rage, and Kurupt where they both totally spazz out!. Jay-z tried to cover this for his S. Dot mixtape a few years ago and paled in comparison. West Coast.



Alternative break of the week:

Firefly – Greta Gaines

Greta Gaines “Firefly”

A little bit of that feminine angst for that ass.  Soulful without getting all Motown.  I don’t really expect anybody to pump this in their jeeps unless they are headed to the Lilith Fest, or missing their Morisette fix, but if you just broke up with your boyfriend ladies maybe you can cry to this.  Solid for what it is….moving on



In My Bag (remix) – Meek Mill feat. Gillie Da Kid & Cassidy

Meek Millz Feat. Cassidy & Gillie Da Kid “In My Bag (Remix)”

South Jersey, Philly and Delaware stand up.  This banger is what led Grand Hustle to get at the young Meek, and this song is blazing the streets up. Shout to Trip for putting me on to this joint. Southern feel with crazy energy. This is the remix.



In honor of the Olympics and to give you something to bounce to before the coming of the Dream Team mixtape, here a lil something from 1992 when the original Dream Team went to the Olympics. Enjoy, catch you next week.


Olympic Playlist