SICK SUNDAYS: Luda Stakes His Claim, Guru Returns, Greatest Female Songs Ever & More

Good morning and welcome to another edition of Sick Sundays.  It’s been a long week my dudes but once again it’s on.  A bunch of mixtapes dropped most notably Dedication 3.    Word on the street is it’s dripping with wack juice, except for the Young Money cats, but I’ll let you be the judge […]

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Good morning and welcome to another edition of Sick Sundays.  It’s been a long week my dudes but once again it’s on.  A bunch of mixtapes dropped most notably Dedication 3. 


Word on the street is it’s dripping with wack juice, except for the Young Money cats, but I’ll let you be the judge of that a bit later.  We’re going for a little double OT today as I fulfill a promise to Miss Dallas and hit you with some of the greatest songs of all time featuring Female MC’s.  Let’s get it in.



Jay-Z- History

I can say I’m one of the biggest Jigga fans but I’m not moved at all by this.  It’s disjointed, the execution is weak and there is no aggression on it at all.  Certainly closer in feel to Kingdom Come than American Gangster. I know the stans will say he’s above our heads and all that nonsense but this song is weak and if this and the mediocre “Dope Boy Fresh” are what BP3 is going to be about, I may pass on that. So far Kanye on the beats is a let down. Is it too late to call Timbo?



JD Era Feat.  Donny Goines-9-5

I gotta say XXL probably should have looked a little further north with their freshman issue.  Maybe we go back and do it the right way.  Both MC’s go in hard on this.  The subject ain’t exactly original but the passion and the delivery is there and this is definitely bumpable and the execution is definitely above par.  I would say we could use more of this.



Sedrew Price-Price Is Right

I remember when cats were rapping over Super Mario brothers and the NFL theme song and it was cute for a while then it was like post Das Efx with everyone saturating the game with the same s**t. Well they stopped that but now we have Sedrew rapping over the theme song to the game show The Price Is Right.  The beat is actually executed fairly well. 


You can’t escape the novelty of it but it’s not a wtf moment when you hear it. I’m still on the fence about this kid.  He has presence, he has an above average delivery, but you’ve heard this song and many of his songs before.  It’s not new.  I think if he got a bit more creative he can go somewhere in this. Cute track, but I can’t see myself bumping it constantly.



Cashis-On Decc

Another guy with potential that you just can’t ride with all the way because his material is pedestrian. I think if these guys spent maybe a month not listening to rap music and listening to other forms of music and other sources of inspiration it would really do so much for their music.  This is a Seinfeldian song about nothing but it’s enough to hold your attention. It’s at least worth a couple listens.  Nothing more nothing less.



Paul Wall Feat. Webbie –Bizzy Body

This song is made for the poles…or so I’ve heard.  Sheree can invite her girlfriends over and get upside down on this.  Seriously though the song bumps.  It’s catchy on the hook, heavy on the bass, and fast enough to get that ass boppin.  I think it’s gonna get some traction.  Once you accept the song for what it is (yeah I’m talking to you boom bap Jedi’s) then you can enjoy it.  G-strings in strip clubs across America was going to get stuffed to this.



Guru Feat.  Lord Tariq –Knowledge

Guru and Lord Tariq ditch their more famous partnerships to come together on this gem.  A throwback short and sweet joint that I f**s with.  Hard to lose over the “Know The Ledge” beat but and they get ferocious with it.  Throwback factor, dope rhyme factor, plus we haven’t really heard from either one of these guys in a minute so it’s all gravy.




Chamillionaire-Swagger Like Us Freestyle

Incorporating a few bits from each of the original emcees rapping on this beat, Chamilitary goes for broke over the freestyle beat of the moment.  It’s dope.  He gets busy on this and looks like he’s on the comeback from his underwhelming last album.  Homie goes in on rappers rhyming about dough but nothing else, rappers who get over on swag but no lyrical might, and the game in general.  It’s a worthy joint. Get ready for that Mixtape Messiah part 5.



Ludacris, Nas, & Jay-z –I Do It For Hip-Hop

This in one of the better collaborative tracks to come out in recent weeks.  This has Ludacris going seriously staking his place among the true heavyweights of MC’ing.  He has the sales he has the talent.  This is how powerful he can be when he takes himself seriously. I really would like to see more of this from him. 

Nas drops a Nas –x verse, which is to say it’s dope but no new ground here.  This level of rhyming is expected from Nas and he delivers. Jay –Z goes in a totally different direction with the old MC Shan from “The Bridge” cadence. Goes over a bit of Hip-Hop history and still flosses.  Kind of similar to what he tried on “Blue Magic” but I don’t think this is the song to try that on because it’s a stylistic departure from the other two verses.  It makes him sound out of place.  Overall though, I’d be inclined to listen to this for many spins.


That’s all for now, onto the OT


Bump It or Blow It: The Dedication 3

It’s out and it’s#### the streets, but the word is not coming back too positive.  Shout to Drake we got that interview coming soon and the rest of those Young Money cats who it seems have performed admirably. I won’t color your opinions on this one. Vote in the poll and find out what the Ill Community thinks.


DJ Drama & Lil Wayne – Dedication 3


Poll Answers




I promised Miss Dallas a couple weeks ago and I’m a dude of my word so here are some of the greatest tracks featuring female emcees.



She may have gotten deaded for being a liar and all that but her album in myopinion was one of the top 5 female albums of all time bar none.



MC Lyte over  a smoothed out track. All the swagger, All that Brooklyn Flavor.  At that point no one could touch her.



If not for a Kurupt explosion, we would be talking about how Rage owned this track.  As it is, it’s one of the most brutal performances on a track by a female emcee ever. No need for affirmative action on this. Lady of Rage was a killer



I don’t really care how cats feel about Kim, she’s basically had the best career by a female emcee and on this record she bodied Prodigy, who at the time was still one of the lyrical heavyweights. You can’t say enough about her performance on this.


Aw man, the rugged ragga flow, the knowledge she dropped, the feeling that this song was aimed at someone specific (which added some drama) the lack of candy and the ill sung chorus.  This was just the perfect song.  Assertive delivery, clear diction, ill references.  This song was just the total package. AND it was a hit.  Hold that.



Bahamadia is one of the truly great tragedies of Hip-Hop.  If she were a man, or if she were a hot chick, people would be all over her.  Instead she gets to have the dreaded critically acclaimed, underrated moral victories.  Dope flow with the sultry raspy voice.  Lyrical execution. On this joint there’s no fluff. Hold your heads.



You can’t really mention a list of female songs without metioning this.  I know it’s a lazy pick but it is what it is. Monie comes with the rapid fire flow and of course the Queen gets it in.


Foxy delivers her own version of “Where I’m From.” I could have picked some of her other songs but I didnt feel like it.  This is nice and gully without her rapping about sucking d**ks or any of that crap.


Jean Grae to me is the most consistently ill female lyricist of all time. Sorry Lauryn fans one album just can’t cut it.  I hope she’s really not retiring. Jean has a ton of material but here she goes toe to toe with one of the best MC of the now school. I f**ks with this hard. Prolly not all time I suppose but so what.


Of course with a limited list there are tons of songs I missed or left out or you feel should have been included.  You already know what to do.  Peace out Brussel Sprouts.