SICK SUNDAYS:LL Goes Hard, Helter Skelter Returns, Luda & T.I. Make Up,Solange says F**K The Industry

It’s that time again my dudes (and dudettes) for another edition of Sick Sundays.  After a wild week of high’s and lows, sit back, relax watch Creflo Dollar or Joel Osteen or blast music to wake up your old ass neighbors.    Paris Hilton blacked out on McCain this week in retaliation for that commercial.  […]

It’s that time again my dudes (and dudettes) for another edition of Sick Sundays.  After a wild week of high’s and lows, sit back, relax watch Creflo Dollar or Joel Osteen or blast music to wake up your old ass neighbors. 


Paris Hilton blacked out on McCain this week in retaliation for that commercial.  Not a fan of her royal “That’s hotness” but a thorough spazzing is a thorough spazzing out.


Milie Cyrus gets it in on Myspace with racy photos. Just goes to show you no matter how much dough you hold, kids will be kids.  Hopefully they don’t get any steamier or Billy Rae may have an achy breaky heart.


This week we have Uncle L beasting out over “Dead Presidents”.  Couple years old but still recent enough to be relevant. A message to the market place:  If you want these old rappers off the stage then you have to be good enough to chase them off.  That goes for Nas, Jay, LL, Snoop and whoever. Show discipline.  Personally you can rap forever as long as you don’t suck.  But as far as the spotlight?  Young dudes need to s####### a pair and go in (Pause). And now, on with the show.



Freestyle (Dead Presidents beat) – LL Cool J

LL Cool L “Dead Presidents Freestyle”

This joint is from 2004 I believe from a K Slay mixtape, but it was so flames I had to bring it back.  LL gives a history lesson about the 80s without romanticizing it and maybe hips you to a few things if you weren’t around that era to see it.  Dope flow, then he freaks it with a few bars in Italian. “Never retire or put my mic on the shelf” Muy Muy Duro



Bert and Ernie Ante Up – stianhafstad

M.O.P “Ante Up” –Warriorz

Off the very slept on, high-quality action-packed album, the Mash Out Posse bring the drama to all soft cats.  If you owe Billy Danze, then you should prolly pay him.  A bit less flash than the Busta/Remi helmed remix, this is pure Brownsville Bodega Ham & Cheese Sandwhich and Olde English powered.  Bert and Ernie approve this message.  Shout to Hot Rod for this one.



20. Freeway – Its Over.mp3 –

Freeway “It’s Over”

Freeway has been tearing through the underground like he got coke in the trunk and cops in the rearview.  This particular joint is from his tragically slept on last release.  Hardcore narrative in the relentless Freeway style that tells the story of where he’s been since that near classic first album.  Do yourselves a favor and get some freeway in your lives.



Ludacris Ft. T.I. –

Ludacris Feat. T.I. “I Wish You Would”

You ever spent the whole year at school trying to chase down the baddest girl in school?  You finally get her and it wasn’t as good as you dreamt it woud be?  That’s the problem with some of these recent pairings of Emcees.  While dope, “Black Republican” was probably 5-10 years too late to REALLY be what it could have been. 


In the same vein, this song while dope is kinda underwhelming. Ludacris drops a very weak punchline flow that’s a typical a/b punchline setup thats beneath his skill level as an artist.  He also lifts a direct line from Redman.  I’ll let you see if you can find that particular joint.  T.I. doesn’t have anything memorable here either.  It’s not wack, not mailed in, but for the caliber of these two, it’s meh.



Touch & Go (Radio) – Joe Budden

Joe Budden “Touch & Go”

Budden returns to the game with another driving kinda party joint which sounds stylistically like the Jigga Man.  The cadence is all Joey’s but listen to that second verse and tell me it’s not “Excuse Me Miss” part 3.  The Roger Federer line was bananas though.  This is a solid song, but if you’re trying to start a fire back with your career, this aint gonna be the one to do it with. Another Jumpoff club song.  We need more heat.



Everything is Heltah Skeltah – Heltah Skeltah

Helter Skelter ” Everything is Helter Skelter”

Piano-driven darkness powers the return of the Ruck and the Rock.  Sean P sounds alive on this one with ill lines and high energy, while the enigmatic Rockness Monster brings that electricity with punchlines a dope flow and that BK hardcore.  They sound as fresh as ever and this song can certainly compete in the current marketplace, unlike many recent forays by 90’s artists trying to still get it in.  Fire. 



Large – Young Chris f. WaleYoung Chris feat. Wale “Large”

Young Chris has a problem.  The style he originated has been taken and blown up by Jay-z to such a level that now being himself he sounds like Jay lite. It’s a shame because he’s young hungry and inventive and can’t even get credit for his own flavor.  This is a solid song but if you didn’t see the title and the info you’d swear it was Jay  Wale comes through for a good change of pace.  Dope flow and pace.  I prefer to hear him over Hip-Hop drums than the go-go stuff, but what do I know, I’m an old guy. Cool mixtape fodder and all in all, a good song. Thumbs up.



Pitbull – The American War

Pitbull “American War”

Paris, Immortal Tech, and Banner ain’t the only political rappers.  In this video Pitbull takes on GWB and the Iraq War alluding to The Gulf War and other parallels.  See for yourself, no mistaking what this is about.



Alternative Break



F*@k The Industry (signed Sincerly) – Solange

Solange “F**k The Industry”

Solange has a hard road to follow. You’re good-looking but you ain’t Beyonce.  You’re talented but you ain’t Beyonce’.  To her credit she doesn’t try to be Beyonce and this track gives you an idea of just how much she isn’t. Fairly aggressive for a song coming from the Knowles family, Solange expounds on the evils of the industry and the politics and bulls**t that go with it. I’m feeling this one.



JD Era, one of th ehungriest emcees up top just dropped a mixtape “Coming To America”.  I think it speaks for itself.  Let it fly or let it die, you be the judge.Till next time my people…peaaaaaaaaaace.

JD ERA Coming to America



We lost Mac, but I’m gonna take a lil bit to hip you young dudes to one of the greatest who died before many of you were alive.  The inimitable Robin Harris.  Enjoy your Sunday.

Robin Harris One Night Stand – bedstuy49