Signs: Young Man Murdered For $7K Gold Chain, King Charles Disses Black Man And More…

Jordan Capuchino, 20

Jordan Capuchino had a friend that got robbed and he died trying to get the jewels back. King Charles disses a thirsty Black man. This an more in @illseed’s “Signs The World Is Coming To An End.”

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Signs The World Is Coming To An End!

We are getting more and more signs. I am not even talking about stuff like PNB Rock. Let’s talk about a regular person.

Jordan Capuchino is dead. The beloved 20 year old son was murdered over the weekend. He was with a group of friends. And one of them had on a chain that had a value of $7k. I saw another report that said $50k, but anyway. Jordan was shot and killed Saturday morning. Houston Police Department said he and his friends were robbed by a group of men, but that is not the end. Jordan and his friends went after the jackers and that is when it turned deadly. He was slain trying to get somebody else’s chain back. They have arrested somebody already and looking for others.

Be safe.

Racism does not take a day off. King Charles is the man of the hour now that the queen is dead. Queens Elizabeth II was laid to rest today in a castle. The world watched this. What the internet was watching was the newly minted King act towards fans of the monarchy. And a Black man realized that nothing changes! Look at this video:

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Brother, they wouldn’t care if you died. He should have yell, “F you colonizer!”

What made this white woman think this was a good idea? And why didn’t somebody in her team say “Gertrude, do not do this.”

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