Style Profile Interview: NY Jets’ Thomas Jones

Thomas Jones continues an illustrious career in the NFL, currently as a running back for the New York Jets.   The 31 year-old Virginia native has also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and experienced a Super Bowl in 2006 with the Chicago Bears.   Thomas Jones   Thomas’ younger brother, Julius Jones, is also […]

Thomas Jones continues an illustrious career in the NFL, currently as a running back for the New York Jets.


The 31 year-old Virginia native has also played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and experienced a Super Bowl in 2006 with the Chicago Bears.


Thomas Jones


Thomas’ younger brother, Julius Jones, is also in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks. After their parents spent a combined 20 years working in dangerous coal mines while raising seven children, they must be very proud of their two sons.


It may sound like humble beginnings, but Thomas credits his parents’ hard work and motivation for getting him and his siblings to where they are now.


Like his six siblings, Thomas went to college, graduating with a bachelor’s degree in psychology.


As much as he is known for being a pro athlete, we’ve also seen Thomas grace the gossip blogs many times as the beautiful Meagan Good‘s boyfriend (click under the jump for our exclusive interview with Jones).



These two have been spotted around town at various events and parties arm in arm.


Kiki recently got a chance learn more about the football star, including what fashion means to him – from his favorite brands to who he considers a fashion icon and exactly what makes a woman stylish. What’s it like having your younger brother Julius also playing in the NFL? Are you guys very competitive?


Thomas: “I love having him in the NFL with me. We share a special bond, and it’s nice to have someone so close to you go through the same things. We always make sure to talk before every game to wish each other good luck, and find out what’s going on in each other’s life.


“As far as being competitive, we are not at all. If anything, I would rather him have a better game than me. That’s my little brother. Julius and his wife actually just had his second child, a baby boy. So in that aspect my little brother is ahead of me. I am very excited for him, and being an uncle is a great thing.”


Julius Jones What was it like playing in the 2006 Super Bowl with the Chicago Bears?


Thomas: “It was an amazing feeling, one that can’t be put it into words. As a kid, being in the Super Bowl was something I always dreamed about, so actually getting to fulfill that dream is an amazing feeling. That’s something I’ll never forget.” Having been with the NY Jets for the past couple of years, do you feel the “Big Apple” lifestyle has influenced your fashion sense?


Thomas: “I’ve always been on top of new clothing styles, so New York didn’t really influence me. New York did make it easier for me to purchase the more exclusive brands though.” We’ve seen you go from a plain white tee with Nike sneakers to a dapper suit. Do you prefer dressing in formal gear or keeping it casual?


Thomas: “I like being casual and comfortable. Don’t get me wrong, wearing a nice suit is always fun and I enjoy it when the time calls for it. I’m a huge fan ofDolce & Gabbana, everything from their great fitting button-ups to their cologne, but usually you can find me wearing a white v-neck t-shirt, a hoodie and jeans. Some of my favorite brands are BAPE, Timberland, Red Monkey Jeans, Crooks & Castles, Billionaire Boys Club, Ciano Jeans (they fit great), Prada (hi-top sneakers), True Religion and Rock & Republic.”


Thomas in one of’s favorite brands, Crooks & Castles When it comes to ladies, what makes a lady stylish to you?


Thomas: “Shoes are very important to me. I am a huge fan of a girl who can wear a white t-shirt, jeans and stylish shoes with pretty toes. Growing up with five sisters has a lot to do with this! My sisters and my mother are stylish women and taught me all about shoes, more than I would like to know sometimes (laughs). I like stilettos and in terms of casual, I think those Louis Vuitton and Gucci sneakers are cool too.


“Beyond shoes, I like a girl that can switch her style up. Outfits don’t always have to be name brand. A woman that can go into a thrift store and come out with a dope outfit is also attractive.” Do you enjoy fashion? Have you been more into it since you started your career with the NFL or do you now have a stylist to take care of that? Or perhaps a girlfriend…


Thomas: “I’ve always been interested in fashion. Since I was a kid, I always watched music videos, interview and movies, analyzing the fashion involved. If I liked something, I would research the price and where I could find it. Since I have always been into creating my own style, I shop by myself. Having the opportunity to play in the NFL has been a blessing and has put me in a financial position that allows me to purchase higher-end clothing.


“I think style is something you have to create for yourself, which is something I have worked very hard to achieve. I am not afraid to wear color, it fits my personality and I like to experiment with different designers and brands”. How do you feel about menswear going slimmer and cleaner in recent years? Do you still prefer your gear baggy?


Thomas: “I don’t like baggy. As a CEO of a record label [Outta Pocket Entertainment], I can’t be seen as a sloppy dresser and I associate baggy with sloppy. I enjoy fitted, but not too tight. It gives off a classy look”. Who do you consider a style icon?


Thomas: T.I. I think he does a good job of mixing his style up.




“A lot of cats think that you can’t get respect with hoodie and jeans. T.I. does a good job of alternating styles between urban, casual and classy. It also presents a lot of opportunities in a professional and social environment.” Can you give our male readers a few tips for looking right at all times?


Thomas: “Never come out with something wrinkled on. It takes five minutes to iron a shirt or jacket. I think wrinkled clothes looks careless. I think you can wear a lot of things and as long as it looks clean it’s stylish and crisp.


“I also think men need to realize that you can mix high-end designer clothes with average brand name clothes. If you are decked out in too much of one designer you run the risk of looking like luggage”. Tell us something interesting that your fans may not know about you?


Thomas: “I never throw anything away; especially clothes and shoes. I’m very sentimental and always like to keep things around. You never know when it could be helpful. I do give clothes away, but I keep a lot. My family actually gives me a lot of heat for it. I pay for the extra storage just for my clothes!”



Check out and to cop your own gear from some of Thomas’ favorite brands, like Crooks & Castles, Red Monkey, True Religion, Timberland and even Dolce & Gabbana cologne!