Superstar Locks: Tips for Healthy Summer Hair!

    Taking care of your hair only gets more difficult as the season changes – the heat, humidity and rain can cause the ultimate fizzes and flops.   All women want to have healthy and strong hair,  but at times it can be hard because of all of the stress that we apply.    […]



Taking care of your hair

only gets more difficult as the season changes – the heat, humidity and rain

can cause the ultimate fizzes and flops.


All women want to have

healthy and strong hair,  but at times it

can be hard because of all of the stress that we apply. 


We blow dry, curl, flat

iron… but it’s all about finding the right match of products for the



What does it take to have that hair that we all work so hard to get?  We got some tips from Kathleen

Johnson, Director of Education for the Dr. Miracle’s hair care brand. She gave

us some good advice on how to keep your style cool for the rest of the Summer! At one point in time I was using a

product that severely damaged my hair. How can we be more careful about the

products that we use? Is their anything that we should be looking for, such as

a bad chemical?


Kathleen Johnson: Well, I think the first step is

that you have to take time to just get to know your own hair. I believe that

there is so much processing going on that I don’t really know if sisters are

really stopping and going, “Ok, what’s my hair like? What is the quality, what

does it need, how does it work?” There’s so much of the maintenance in hair, we

sort of become detached because of salon stylists, it’s almost like you take

your hair off and give it to them.


For instance, in the industry of music, you have

all these artists, and every time they go out or they go anywhere they need to

have makeup and hair done. Things that they have to use to get it done quickly,

the chemicals they have to put in to make it stay a certain way… just because

you look good doesn’t necessarily mean its good for you! I don’t know how many

people are going to make that choice to really make their hair care and their

hair growing and keeping it strong and healthy, a priority. I love Dr. Miracle’s commercials. Most

of the women are African American but are these products made for all types of



Kathleen Johnson: I would say yes, but it depends

on what you want to do with your hair. Just like any particular styling

product, you have to decide what it is you want to accomplish, but there are

certain products that I think are a specific market. The 2in1 Tingling Shampoo

and Conditioner anyone can use and get a good result. Excellent cleansing and

conditioning shampoo, to me, can benefit anyone nowadays, because everyone is

putting coloring in their hair or heat styling. What is the most-sold product thus

far and why?


Kathleen Johnson: I would have to say our Temple & Nape Gro Balm, that’s one that people have [given me] good feedback on over

the year’s .That’s a common problem of losing hair in your temple and nape. So

many women pulling their hair back from braiding it to tight, weaving and the

weight of the hair; it’s so many issues. Also using chemicals – it’s just

breaking down the more vulnerable hair in those areas. I know some women who

used the Temple & Nape Balm consistently for two weeks have seen something

happen. What advice would you give us in

regards to dying your hair?


Kathleen Johnson: Well, dying your hair really

dries it out; it makes it more brittle, it looks good! So it is damaging, but

we have so many things that can make up for what we want. You can put in

protective things like the Leave In Treatment and Conditioner. Okay so what about perming your



Kathleen Johnson: Perming your hair is the same as

any chemical processing; it’s making it more vulnerable, more brittle and drier.

All that’s happening is the chemicals in your hair helps it feels soft but you

have got to balance that with making sure your washing and conditioning your

hair. The great thing about Dr. Miracle’s is their products have a lot of

essential oils in it – shea, castor oil, lavender, sunflower seed oil and

others that your hair is longing for. Now what about washing your hair?

Should we be washing it every day?


Kathleen Johnson: The normal thing is to use

proper hygiene. I understand that washing you hair takes a long time… well, it’s

not the washing its everything after. For some people, by the fourth day they’re

scratching so much because you get bacterial build up in your skin. I really do

recommend [that you] don’t wait more than one week at the most to wash your

hair. Can you give us two important tips

to having healthy hair?


Kathleen Johnson: You have to sleep with something

on your hair; you have to cover your hair up at night if you have hair that is

processed. If you have braids in your hair, if you have a weave in your hair,

you should really try to protect your hair while you’re sleeping at night. It

dries it out and makes it more vulnerable for breakage from rubbing against

that cotton pillow case. Start buying satin pillow cases – it treats your hair

a little easier at night time and relieves some of the breakage. So that’s my

number one tip, please wrap your hair at night! That’s definitely a great tip; I

try to cover my hair each night as well. So what would be your next hair tip

for the ladies?


Kathleen Johnson: I think the second thing that I

would have say is you must take the time to deep condition your hair. You have

to set apart the time. I tell everybody I know, if they’re not heat styling, coloring,

braiding or weaving, they’re doing something [potentially damaging]. They need

to stop put in the deep conditioner – you can do it while you’re taking a bath.

This one step will make a huge difference in the quality of your hair. If your

hair is natural you probably don’t need to focus on deep conditioner, but it’s

still great to do.


During our conversation, Kathleen also

explained the importance of nutrition and health to your hair. I decided to

research the types of foods that can help aid the growth of strong healthy

hair. Here are a few:


Salmon contains omega-three fatty acids; this high-quality

protein source is also filled with vitamin B-12 and iron.



green vegetables such as spinach, broccoli, swiss chard are a great source

of vitamins A and C, which your body needs to produce sebum.



kidney beans and lentils – not only do they provide a lot protein

to promote hair growth, but are rich iron, zinc and biotin.


Whether you have

straight, natural, curly, dreads or braids, you still must treat your hair with

dignity and respect! Enjoy your healthy hair, and if you’ve got any personal

tips or secrets, feel free to share with us!