Talented Composer An2an Reveals His Secrets to Creating Perfection

Discipline is the third factor in An2an’s success.

Music is not just a profession. It’s an art. The question then becomes, what makes an artist successful? There is no secret one-size-fits-all recipe to becoming a star, but there are ways to increase your chances of success. An2an is perfect proof of that. A man of many talents, An2an is currently one of the most respected up-and-coming musicians in California. As a musician and contemporary composer, he brings to the table unique styles that make him stand out from other artists in this space. His music style is best described as an exciting mix of multiple genres, including rap, hip hop, and electronic dance music.

For over five years, An2an has made a name for himself for his ability to attract and engage audiences from multiple genres. That skill has earned him recognition and respect in the California music space and allowed him to share the stage with some of the biggest names in the game. His music has also attracted hundreds of thousands of views on social and music streaming platforms, making An2an a rapidly rising star. So how did he do it?

Talent is the first thing An2an possesses. Creating music has always been something he enjoys doing. Still, he acknowledges that it is not enough to make you successful in the ever-changing music industry. In this highly competitive space where talented people are a dime a dozen, An2an says you need something more than an innate ability to do something if you want your voice to be heard above the noise.

“Talent is a secondary thing; every second person is talented in something,” An2an shares. “But not everyone can develop talent;  work on it.” For him, the goal has always been to challenge and improve himself daily. That belief pushes him to perfect his skills in one genre and then move on to another. This way, he has the edge over musicians who can only write or perform songs in one style and genre. But that didn’t happen overnight.

Persistence is the other quality An2an has cultivated. Every day, thousands of talented people wake up determined to succeed in the music industry. They create songs, release them to the world, and then watch with bated breath for them to become international hits that will catapult them to stardom. Unfortunately, that rarely happens. An2an points out that only a tiny group will succeed on their first attempt. The rest must continually try until they get it right, which is why they need to cultivate patience and persistence. An2an’s secret is that he keeps experimenting with new sounds and evolving his style until he gets it right.

Discipline is the third factor in An2an’s success. In music and other industries, talent and creativity can only take you so far if you don’t have the discipline to stay on course and become better than you were when you started. An2an believes that hard work and willpower trump talent any day, and everyone should strive to develop more of it.

Discipline enables him to create more music even when he’s not motivated to do it, learn new skills when he’s shining in one genre, and consistently work until he gets the sounds he’s going for. Because of his willingness to embrace challenges, An2an is now on his way to the top. His dream is to inspire more musicians and composers to do the same.