The Odd Side: The Free State


Welcome to  another edition of The Odd Side, a column that explores the effects of Hip Hop’s transformation through new sounds.

This week, we will explore some dope artists coming out of the state of Maryland. Maryland might not sound like the next big spot that megastars will come out of, but that shouldn’t stop you from finding about about the music that’s coming out around the area. Luckily for you, a plethora of artists from The Free State has popped up with amazing tracks consecutively on Soundcloud this week, and trust and believe you’ll have them on repeat.

Chris McClenney – Booty (On The Floor)

Chris McClenney was referenced on the last Odd Side post dedicated to Soulection’s best artists. This week, the Maryland-based singer has released a cover of what may have been the 90’s#### “Pump Up The Jam” by Technotronic. With an image from the classic sitcom Fresh Prince of Bel Air, “Booty (On The Floor)” merges together nostalgic 90’s deep house and McClenney’s unique style with the soul.

TEK.LUN – Benjamins (TEK.LUN Remix)

There has been several remixes of CVIRO & GXNXVS’ sick cut Benjamins, but Baltimore producer TEK.LUN might be one of the best top remix it. Starting with echoed vocals from the original to create an intimate vibe, this remix evolves in different ways throughout. At one moment you hear the instrumental move in an upbeat fashion. But when the beat switches, it’s like you’re hearing an brand new version of the same remix while still maintaining it’s cool vibe.

Abhi//Dijon – ECS

Although Abhi//Dijon “Twelve” is fairly old compared to the last two cuts, it was still refreshing to see it show up on my Soundcloud stream.  This Ellicot City singer has taken R&B into an experimental state, using a unique sound established from electronic music to reinforce both his calm vocals and smooth approach. If you’re trying to get into what R&B is becoming, cross your fingers and hope that this dude releases some new music.

Soduh/Black Zheep/ICce – Best Friend Is An Alien

We don’t know what’s been in the air in Baltimore, but the city has a very unique rap scene that many has not been hip to. “Best Friend Is An Alien” is a trippy banger that has been put together well. Soduh supplies the odd chorus and verse to the cut, while Black Zheep and ICce provide their auto-tuned verses also. The song doesn’t attempt to be any deeper than it is, however, it keeps your speakers bumping respectively.

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