Where Did That Biz Markie Rumor Start?

Biz Markie is not dead, Illseed gets to the bottom of it.

How did the rumor of Biz Markie begin? Well, you have to go all the way back to social media. From what I can see it looks as though the whole thing started from DJ WebStar and a post to me on social media. After that, Shaderoom picked it up. Clearly Shaderoom scooped up this information and did nothing whatsoever to verify the validity of the claims. As you already know the Shaderoom is an incredibly big and vast, well-followed Instagram platform. For some reason, they are trusted source.

Once they let the fake cat out of the bag, nothing can stop the rumor from taking legs. And legs it had! So from there, various people started to post a Biz Markie had died, like Ed Lover, Pharrell and other notables. This included Diddy’s RevoltTV network. Revolt is a little bit different than the Shaderoom, because they have a website and are fairly respected. The Shaderoom has a website as well, but most people are on the IG. If you went to google, the only thing you really saw was REVOLT’s brief obituary story on Biz Markie. After that, it was all over. Some people still have the Biz Markie is dead on their Instagram‘s and the comments are lighting them up because it’s bad information. Others are extremely upset that people didn’t properly vet the sources in the information itself. I get it….its hard out here! Everybody is trying to get those looks and likes.

Roland Martin, the veteran journalist, we AWF!

Here’s the sad reality, the Diabolical Biz Markie is not doing well. He is presently in hospice care. It appears that he will not fully recover from this stroke and bout with diabetes. The prayers are super strong on this one, because he is such a good guy to the culture, and it appears to be a great human being overall. I don’t know him personally, but I am a huge fan of his work as a beat box, rapper, DJ as well as an entertainer because he completely transcended his role as an emcee.

We love the Biz and are fans…we wish him well!! Nobody beats the Biz! never forget that!