B.o.B. Airs Out His Conspiracy Theories On “Blank Mafia”


B.o.B. said the world was flat and ever since then it’s been “dangerous thinking” just like his song below says. He’s pushing his No Genre brand and with this “Blank Mafia” this is a step in the more conscious lyrical direction from his more radio friendly hits of old.

“I hear this voice when I’m sleeping / Either its God or its Morgan Freeman” – B.O.B. on “Blank Mafia”

While some say B.o.B. is a conspiracy theorist, he has some real things to say in this song and he wants his voice to be heard and for his people to listen up. We all know B.o.B. has been politically left for a while but he really lets his anti-Governement and anti-authority thoughts be known on this one. As an artist he’s digging deep and he’s clearly not scared to speak his mind. Check it below