Saga – “Make A Choice” (Video)

Saga Unveils Visuals For “Make A Choice”

We all make choices everyday that dictate the course of our lives. From the company we keep, the food we ingest, and the career paths we follow, our lives are the very culmination of our choices. Although some choices we make are of greater spiritual consequence than others, there’s no denying the pandemonium that occurs on both a global and personal level, as a result of war. On “Make a Choice,” which serves as the final visual installment taken from Saga‘s debut release, From Out of the Shadows, the Brooklyn native examines the choice that a citizen makes to enlist in the U.S. Army as a result of 9/11, and the difficulty in returning to civilian life that ensues. Directed by Fred Focus with a dual narrative that intersect’s the veteran’s story, with that of a fast food customer who’s life is cut short by his own choices, we learn that the decisions that we make that often benefit the larger whole, end up enabling corporate greed and government agenda, all while making ourselves the victim. Saga’s, From Out of the Shadows EP, which is produced primarily by, Marco Polo, is now available free download, courtesy of AudioMack.