Shane Mane & Ceven "Hello" (Thong Song)

Shane Mane & Ceven “Hello”

Captivating, Dynamic and Spellbinding. Those are the words that best describe Wisconsin based Rappers Shane Mane and Ceven. At times brilliant, at times unique, Shane mane and Ceven are relentlessly engaging. They have honed a refreshing style that is explosive. Their music encompasses party driven themes that appeal to a college crowd demographic.

They are currently riding high off of their hit single “Hello (Thong Song).” It is the essence of Sex, Drugs and Hip Hop. The song has received massive support and accolades from DJ’s from around the country and internationally.

“My music is an extension of my lifestyle. It is all about having fun, and excitement and creating positive memories,” states Shane Mane. Shane Mane and Ceven offer a rare blend of wild ambition, inventive videos, and creativity that’s often absent in Hip Hop.