Chad Horton

Andy Mineo "Stop The Traffic" ft. Co Campbell

‘King Kulture: Stop The Traffic’ is a compilation album focused on aiding organizations fighting human trafficking in New York City. Pre-order on iTunes ( and get limited and exclusive packages available from the Rapzilla Official Online Store ( now. Follow MC JIN on Twitter @iammcjin. Follow Andy Mineo on Twitter (@andymineo). Find more from […]

MC Jin – Over The Edge ft. Dawen

The first single from the upcoming ‘King Kulture: Stop The Traffic’ compilation album releasing August 27, 2013 is brought to you by MC Jin featuring Dawen and entitled “Over The Edge”. “Over The Edge” is a song that comes from a place of personal experience that hopefully can resonate with listeners who may be dealing […]

Skrip “Stop It” music video

Many chase dreams of stardom and hope to get there on the stage and through a microphone. Many in Hip Hop idolize those who propagate negativity. “Music was made for more than perpetuating negativity, and if you’ve got the gift you don’t need to try to copy anyone else; give people a breath of fresh […]

Preston Perry – Chicago’s Hope

In the past three years, the city of Chicago has suffered from street violence that has made national news countless times. Last year alone, Chicago had over five hundred murders. This year, we’re already in a position to break that record. This poem “Chicago’s Hope’ was laid on Preston Perry’s heart to write 4 years […]