Kellan Miller

Temperature's Rising: 832

Pre-Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, Oklahoma City probably conjured up images of boredom for most people. While this may not be true at all, a direct product of my own experiences with terribly long roadtrips, the Oklahoma City Hip Hop scene is barely visible. 832 is working to change all that. Brothers Nawledge 405 and […]

Temperature's Rising: D. Green

Although it seems impossible to believe at times, there once was a time when New York produced legendary Hip Hop artists at a quicker rate than it takes Iggy Azalea to p### off a lot of people. But in the latest installment of “No S###” news, New York Hip Hop has taken a slide in […]

Temperature's Rising: Klassik

In Milwaukee, a great foulness impregnates the air at all times, a direct cause of the all the s#### that nobody gives about it. But defying the odds, newcomer Klassik is steadily putting Wisconsin Hip Hop on the map. Over the last few years he has created a lot of buzz for himself, deemed the […]

Can Iggy Azalea Kick It?

Let me preface this article by emphatically stating that I am the biggest Q-Tip and Tribe fan on the planet hands down. I could go on and on about how I think the few albums Tribe crafted in my mind surpass the greatest achievements of The Beatles, David Bowie, etc. Midnight Maurauders, in my humble […]

The Aftermath of "Control"

I’m usually homeboys with the same n##### I’m rhymin with But this is hip hop and them n##### should know what time it is And that goes for Jermaine Cole, Big KRIT, Wale Pusha T, Meek Mill, A$AP Rocky, Drake Big Sean, Jay electron’, Tyler, Mac Miller I got love for you all but I’m […]

Kissin' Pink

  By all indications, tonight will be a good one for Trey Barclay. Not only did he “rape” his organic chemistry exam, but he finally secured the phone number of his classmate, who, according to Trey, is one “bad b####.” Thankfully, Trey isn’t plotting the same sort of strategy he used with his exam, but […]