Kellan Miller

Temperature’s Rising: Apollo

By now I’m entirely convinced that the various hospitals of Atlanta are in total cahoots with each other in their practices in the dark arts. Obviously Atlanta is a populous place with a lively culture, but that still doesn’t seem to account ridiculous amount of talent the city seems to produce on a steady basis. […]

Saul Williams: The Generator

Interview with Saul Williams In Chuck Klosterman’s bestselling 2005 book Killing Yourself To Live, he travels to historic locations where both famous and infamous musicians died prematurely, ultimately coming to the harrowing conclusion that the best move an artist can make in their career is to die a sudden death. A decade later, as poet/rapper/actor/writer […]

Temperature’s Rising: Rhawn B

With Kendrick Lamar releasing arguably the album of the year with To Pimp A Butterfly, and Dr. Dre’s recent masterpiece Compton: A Soundtrack, and of course the N.W.A. biopic Straight Outta Compton, it seems like Compton has once again become the star city of the great state of California. In a larger scope, southern California […]

Temperature’s Rising: Vision The Kid

XXL just recently announced the 2015 Freshman class, featuring rising stars like of Dej Loaf, Vince Staples, and Kidd Kidd. The Freshman list is always the subject of heated debate about what artists should or should not have made the roster, especially now in the digital age where Reddit and the like have flipped the […]

Temperature’s Rising: The Acorns

Our society applauds renaissance men (or women). Despite one’s chosen profession, people are coming to the realization that a person can be many things at once. Music can often feel like a get-rich quick scheme, wherein an artist or band diligently studies the trends on the radio and design their creative blueprint around what the […]

Fitz- She’s My Music

I know what you’re thinking. Another rapper from New York. If you’re anything like me, whenever you hear the preceding phrase, you automatically recoil in horror. Most often these movements are involuntary, and have something to do with a slew of New York rappers that generate a lot of buzz in the beginning but end […]

Nick Delahoyde- The Longest Way

Everyday, I’m inundated with young hopefuls that are intent on getting their music out to a wide audience. I only have two ears (and if you’ve seen, you know that they are very small) so I am not able to listen to all these submissions, but I applaud the effort nonetheless. Recently, I stumbled across […]

Klassik- Summer EP

Back in February, I wrote an article about the up-and-coming Milwaukee artist Klassik and his Spring EP. A lot of things have changed since then. First off, The Milwaukee Bucks were decimated by The Chicago Bulls in a crushing 120-66 loss to end their playoff hopes. But just in case you were for some reason […]