Putting Rumors To Rest: Timbaland And Nelly Furtado Reunited For Fresh New Music 

Timbaland Nelly Furtado

Timbaland and Nelly Furtado announced their comeback and addressed rumors they parted ways on bad terms following a dispute.

Timbaland and Nelly Furtado are reviving their magical partnership from the early 2000s and have reunited in the studio to work on a comeback.  

The duo made magic and topped the charts in 2006 with the singer’s third album, Loose, introducing the world to their infectious Hip-Hop and pop fusions. The project spawned some of Furtado’s biggest hits, including “Promiscuous,” “Maneater,” and “Say It Right.” 

Although she hasn’t dropped an album since The Ride in 2016, Nelly Furtado has experienced a revival recently thanks to a new generation of fans discovering her hits on TikiTok. In fact, it was her 16-year-old daughter who informed her “Promiscuous” was trending on the app.  

Earlier this month, Nelly Furtado revealed she and Timbaland reminisced about the project in a two-hour Facetime call. After teasing their return to the studio, she left fans eagerly anticipating their reunion.  

Then on Monday evening, the duo surprised fans with an Instagram Live chat from the studio. “We’re about to make music,” Nelly Furtado declared. 

They also addressed rumors of a rift, insisting they never got into a fight or hated each other. They confessed to “little, tiny disagreements,” that were “nothing major.” According to Timbaland, any disputes were simply “creative differences,” which Nelly Furtado said were “healthy.”  

Check out their live below. 

Meanwhile, the Canadian hitmaker raised the temperature with her recent performances. Furtado returned to the stage in January following a five-year hiatus and hasn’t looked back since.