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The King Of South Beach: Episode 7

 “The Girl’s Gotta Be Bangin”


In Episode 7 of The King Of South Beach, rapper/entrepreneur Akinyele starts preparing for the grand opening of King Of Diamonds/VLive on South Beach. 

This week Akinyele brings in Daffini Evans, another top dancer who is on a mission to be the face of KOD/VLive on South Beach.  

We also meet Chinese Kitty, a banging manager Akinyele is bringing in to keep tabs on the bartenders. 

Akinyele has been making waves on Ocean Drive, even since he announced he was opening the establishment in June of 2016. 

After dealing with angry locals and getting the needed permits to open, Ak brings in more help to run a tight ship, since he wants to take down $30 million in the first year of business. 

So far in the first season of “The King Of South Beach,” we’ve introduced you to Kayoz and Chef Sean and gave a peek at the liquor brands trying to get on the shelves of the new KOD/VLive.

Akinyele also announced he was running for Mayor of Miami Beach, and at the same time, installed some major tech in the club to control the flow of money that will be rolling in, thanks to the liquor sales, while hiring the best dancers and staff his money can buy. 

Take a look at episode 7 of “The King Of South Beach.”