Ginuwine Has The Ladies Going Crazy!

(AllHipHop Rumors) Singer Ginuwine has the ladies going nuts as his ex or ex-fling allegedly leaked his d-ck pics online! You would think it’s the ’90s again the way women have been acting!

Hopefully his hit debut single “Pony” will resurface on the Hot 100 for this man! If the woman was trying to be spiteful, she clearly underestimated the internet’s thirst!

Fellas the sure way to make your stock go up with the ladies [if you are well endowed] is to leak those pics apparently!

#lmao #facts #ginuwine #justadash #goodmorning

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Good morning…. #newdefinition #inthosejeans #ginuwine #stuck #lmao

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Hopefully "Pony" goes back up the charts

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