Polo G’s Brother Trench Baby Reportedly Faces Felony Murder Charges

Trench Baby Polo G

The “Dum Dumb” rapper could be headed to court.

Taurus “Polo G” Bartlett has had his issues with the law. Apparently, his brother, Taurean “Trench Baby” Bartlett, now faces possible prison time.

TMZ reports Los Angeles-area law enforcement charged Taurean Bartlett with the felony murder of 20-year-old Dashaun Berry. According to the outlet, Berry died from a drive-by shooting in North Hollywood on June 10.

In addition, Trench Baby reportedly faces a charge of first-degree residential robbery for an alleged incident involving Dashaun Berry on August 15. Polo G’s younger sibling was also reportedly charged with dissuading a witness by force or threat.

Police detained Trench Baby and Polo G in August following a search of the latter’s Chatsworth, California residence. Trench Baby was released after posting $100,000 bail. Polo exited custody on his own recognizance.

“The incident surrounded someone staying in Polo’s home and not Polo directly,” the rapper’s lawyer, Bradford Cohen, stated at the time. “The officers have detained Polo to ‘verify’ that he is not a convicted felon, as they assert a firearm was found in the home. It is widely known that Polo is not a convicted felon and never was a convicted felon.”

Back in 2021, Polo G faced felony battery of an officer, felony threatening a public servant and misdemeanor charges in Miami. Those charges against the Hood Poet album creator eventually got dropped.

“I personally got all his charges in Miami dismissed when he was in our opinion wrongfully arrested and charged. They have refused to allow us access to our client which is also an illegal and unethical practice and someone will have to answer for these new wrongful actions,” Cohen added in August.