Here’s How André 3000’s Forthcoming Flute Album Will Have Bars

Lupe Fiasco has something planned for the upcoming André 3000 project. Read his master plan here, true believers!

Much has been made about André 3000 of Outkast’s new album, which won’t include any “bars.” This has made the online chatter even louder than if it was an actual album, at least from a curiosity standpoint. Well, is seems like we have a hero that will change all that.

Lupe Fiasco has made it possible for André 3000’s experimental jazz project, New Blue Sun, to include raps. Lupe said he’s going to take the album and completely remix it, adding his own bars to the instrumentation.

“Gonna rap all over that 3stacks album and put it in the time capsule for future generations…” he tweeted. Fans are still in awe, as the album is set to be released on Friday (November 17). I am personally excited about it even though I’m not sure about it. We need this sort of maverick behavior.

Lupe Fiasco is one of our greats. He’s a rapper, producer, entrepreneur and thinker. He continues to push the line with thought-provoking and socially conscious lyrics. He’s also known to battle at the drop of a hat when push comes to shove. Lest we forget what happened between him and Royce Da 5′ 9 (another one of our favorites)?

Anyway, what do you think about this one? This is a quick rumor, but I have to admit, Lupe is qualified. Also, this might actually inspire the homie Three Stacks. He will see exactly how his otherness works in the modern day with a real rap dude. Lupe is a free style freestyler. I am interested in this. Let’s go!