Snoop Dogg Says He’s “Giving Up Smoke”—Has Hell Frozen Over?

Snoop Dogg

Let the jokes fly.

Snoop Dogg  is a lot of things—rapper, entrepreneur, movie star, commercial actor, father, coach—but more than anything, he’s a known cannabis connoisseur who has flaunted his love for the sticky icky icky for decades. But on Thursday (November 16), the D-O-Double-G shared something so outrageous, we had to check if hell had actually frozen over. Taking to Instagram, Snoop Dogg told his 82.4 million followers, “After much consideration & conversation with my family, I’ve decided to give up smoke. Please respect my privacy at this time.”

He added in the caption, “I’m giving up smoke.” Naturally, the post netted thousands and thousands of comments. While some were more humorous than others, there was an outpouring of support if this is indeed for real and not a really, really early April Fool’s Day joke.

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Flavor Flav, who claims to have more than two years of sobriety under his belt, left a trifecta of prayer emojis as did Fat Joe and 9th Wonder.

But then there were those who had their doubts—and rightfully so. Snoop Dogg’s lungs are probably blacker than the Black Hole and the only person to ever out-smoke him is Willie Nelson. But, like many others, Fred Wreck wondered if his account had been hacked. Someone else suggested it was a stunt for a brand of edibles or another cannabis-related endeavor. Another person joked “Jesus is coming back today.”

But let’s not forget, Snoop Dogg has actually quit before. In 2016, while speaking to Kholé Kardashian on her now-defunct talk show, Snoop said he quit because of his youth football league.

“I went to practice high one day and one of the kids said, ‘Coach, you smell like my mama’s boyfriend,’” Snoop Dogg said. “And I had to check myself. I stopped smoking from that day for 180 days straight. And it made me a better coach, a better person, and I stopped smoking when I was coaching football. So every year when I coach football around the kids, I don’t smoke, so that’s three months out of the year that I do that.”

And who knows? Maybe his wife, Shanté Broadus, is sick of him smelling like blunts, or maybe he’s “forgotten” their anniversary one too many times and she gave him an ultimatum. Whatever the case, Snoop Dogg is gonna be Snoop and if that means he’s done with the herb for awhile, we should support him. After all, weed is a helluva drug.